Unboxing The Xbox One Stereo Headset And Early Thoughts

Microsoft not only made it possible for third party gaming headsets but actually put out their own headset too for the Xbox One. The Xbox One Stereo Headset provides a different gaming experience than the one that comes by default and so far it is a serious upgrade. We will do a full review later […]


Review Of The Samsung ATIV S Neo

AT&T continues to lead the other carriers with the range of smartphones and sent us the Samsung ATIV S Neo Windows Phone to play around with and after a week I couldn’t help feeling is a nice phone that has no wow factor. The Samsung Ativ S Neo has plenty of features going for it […]


Dell Venue 8 Pro Portability And Use While Watching TV

One of the big things We love about a smaller tablet is the ability to take it anywhere easily and the Dell Venue 8 Pro fits the bill perfectly. Anyone that listens to us on the SMRPodcast knows that there is one aspect of a small tablet that we really like and that is the […]


UnBoxing The Dell Venue 8 Pro and Early Thoughts

With the arrival of my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet I am getting even closer to gadget completeness. The Dell Venue 8 Pro is an 8 inch tablet running Windows 8.1 with 32 or 64 bit configurations. The Venue 8 Pro is using Intel’s new Atom processor which should give it around 8 – 10 […]


Review Of the Energizer Qi Inductive Charger With Windows Phone

With wireless charging being a cool feature on some of the newer Windows Phones, the Energizer Qi Inductive charger is the perfect accessory for you. When we unboxed the Energizer wireless charger, we found that the device was simple to setup with just finding a location for the charge plate and plugging it in. After […]

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Listen to SMRPodcast #205: Chicken Wings And Beer Part 20

SMRpodcast Episode #205 has been recorded, is online, and ready for download. Mr. Simmons decided to let us know he would be on vacation about 90 minutes before he arrived at his vacation spot, and, needless to say, it’s just Chris and Robb on the show this week, so we hit you with the 20th […]

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The Latest Episode of the SMRPodcast #203: Digging Holes Is Up

The latest episode of the SMRPodcast is up here is a summary of the show: Please consider donating to the show, head over to our Patreon Page for more details. SHOW TOPICS Big stories we covered this week We discuss our feelings on Office for the iPad RSA and the NSA We continue to weigh […]

Talking Home Automation With Windows On Chit Chat Across The Pond

The great Allison Sheridan invited me to be on and talk about my experiences converting my house into a smarthome by adding home automation. The ability to control my lights, door lock, heating and cooling via my Windows Phone, or Windows 8.1 tablets are all possible because of the Insteon products I have installed. On […]

SMRPodcast #187: For Real D’o Has been Posted And Is Ready For Download

Another fun show for us where we go over the Dell Venue 8 Pro a new BlackBerry CEO and some social commentary. We also get into some crazy statements made by another podcast and a pretty cool story about non tech people’s reaction to Google Help. Show Details Recorded: November 5th, 2013 Published: November 6th, […]