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About Windows Gadget News

Windows Gadget News is a tech site focused on gadgets powered by Microsoft and Windows. Devices such as the Xbox, Windows Phone, and Windows Tablets are what we love. We are a highly motivated mobile technology news and reviews resource. We review the latest mobile phones, applications and services across all carriers and platforms, with the goal of creating the resources needed for our readers to make informed purchases and enjoyable tech experiences.

 About the Editors

chris-aboutChris Ashley (@bigChrisAshley)

I am a ridiculous tech enthusiast that is not afraid to be biased towards Microsoft because, I generally like all things Microsoft. Of all the tech that I love, mobile tech is my favorite. Most of my friends consider me a pretty fair person and very loyal. However my low tolerance for b.s. makes me a pretty brash guy. When not playing with mobile tech my Xbox keeps me happy.



Kevin Wheeler (@wheelerk2011)

Windows Phone 7 Enthusiast. Yes, it is the sexist phone OS yet! With a Phone OS so well designed and written, who needs hundreds of thousands of apps? I’m a huge Microsoft supporter and I will not compromise. Stand for something, or you will fall for anything.


jerome_diggs-aboutJerome Diggs (@diggsjj)

A technoloy enthusiast and willing to try most anything once.  I like to take a balanced approach towards reviewing technology but have an affinity towards the Microsoft platforms (gaming, mobility, desktop and server) although I’ve owned and currently own many other  vendor’s technologies.