AT&T And BEATS Music Bringing Music Subscription Service To Windows Phone And Other Devices

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There are many music streaming services available and now AT&T and Beats Music are teaming up to take over the industry. Looking to address some of the current challenges with other music services, this service will offer a Family Friendly plan which will support up to ten devices. Other Nice features are unlimited streaming and download, and actual human curated music for a more personal touch to playlists. The service will be 14.99 a month for 5 family members and also include a 90 day free trial. It is really nice to see Windows Phone being included in the plans for BEATS Music. The platform has a few music streaming services available but is usually an after thought when getting an app.


Check out the press release

AT&T launches exclusive BREAKTHROUGH family offer from BEATS MUSIC


AT&T Families Get Unlimited Streaming Music and Downloads for $14.99 a Month for Up to 5 Family Members Across 10 Devices

DALLAS, JAN. 12, 2014 — Beginning Jan. 21, AT&T* is introducing an innovative new offer for families to experience the music they love with an exclusive offering from Beats Music. Working together, AT&T and Beats are addressing the challenges that exist with current music subscription services today – lack of unique personalization and high costs to enjoy premium music for the family.

With Beats Music Family, AT&T customers on a multiline account get unlimited streaming music and downloads for up to five family members across 10 devices. Each family member can get 24/7 access to more than 20 million songs and a unique curated experience, and the entire cost for the family is just $14.99 a month, exclusively from AT&T.   And it gets even better – you get 90 days free for your family – so you can try it and see how much your family can save.


Beats Music and AT&T offer families the music experience they’ve been waiting for:

· Family-friendly. AT&T wireless customers on a multiline account can get music how they want, when they want, at a fantastic price.

· Unlimited streaming and downloads. AT&T customers with Beats Music Family get unlimited access to curated music (both streaming and downloaded for offline listening) of the songs, albums and playlists they love to hear, no matter where they are. Five family members can each get their own personal music, on their own personal devices, and create their own playlists. They can continue to access those songs, albums and playlists for as long as they are subscribed to the Beats Music service.  

· Human-curated content for the ultimate personalization. In addition to the best personalization technology, Beats Music is unique because human experts curate hand-picked songs while streaming to deliver just the right tune at just the right time. Imagine having your playlist created by the top music experts based on your mood or specific moment. Until now, streaming services haven’t delivered this level of personalization with a human touch.


“Our collaboration with Beats Music is solving two major industry problems. Beats Music is focused on delivering a different music service with personalized curation from real industry experts and AT&T is focused on breaking the affordability barrier that currently exists in subscription and downloaded music.  With current options on the market today, families have to spend a small fortune for everyone to have their own music, the way they want it,” said David Christopher, AT&T Mobility Chief Marketing Officer. “AT&T developed an innovative offering that lets each member of the family enjoy unlimited downloads of the music they love, as well as access to all that is unique about Beats Music – all at breakthrough value on a premium wireless network.”

Beats Music is the first and only music service created by artists and music professionals. By matching the best technology with the best music expertise, Beats delivers effortless, curated music experiences that are both personalized and contextual to each listener. The Beats Music experts cover all genres and have over 300 years of music industry experience which ensures whoever the listener is, they get the right music every time.

“We’re excited to be able to offer our breakthrough service through the nation’s premier mobile service,” said Ian Rogers, Beats Music CEO. “This exclusive collaboration will allow Beats Music to lead the music streaming category by making the benefits of a premium experience available to the biggest audience. Thanks to AT&T’s commitment to an integrated approach with Beats Music, this is an affordable way for everyone in the family to enjoy the right music that’s right for them.”

AT&T’s exclusive $14.99 a month offer of Beats Music Family gives AT&T wireless customers unlimited music access across 10 devices for up to five family members with the first 90 days free.  Individual AT&T wireless customers can get the same access across three devices for $9.99 a month with the first 30 days free.

Beats Music will be available for download in app stores on Android, iOS and Windows devices or from a PC beginning Jan. 21.

Beats Music will launch in AT&T stores on Jan. 24.

For more information about Beats Music from AT&T, visit



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