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Windows Phone 8.1 released today and of course one of the major features is Cortana the digital assistant. The feature that helps set Cortana apart from Siri and Google Now is the deep application integration. This deep application does not just launch the app but actually allows you to control different aspects of the app. […]

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You can use Windows Phone to control Insteon devices using a very cool app called Snap Switch. I recently started transforming my house to a smarthome using Insteon technology which allows you to remotely control your lights and other appliances. All of the devices can be controlled from a computer however the cool part comes […]

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After getting my SurfacePro, I decided to use it in conjunction with my work computer instead of as a secondary one. Many Windows Power Users are at home using dual monitors with their computers as the real estate is awesome for getting work done. Generally, the desktop space is not conducive to setting up two […]

Post image for How To Turn Off Call Waiting On The Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

Many Lumia 920 owners may not realize they have an option to turn off call waiting as part of the settings available on the phone and here we will show you how to disable it. If you are wondering why I use this option it’s pretty simple as I use my phone for not only […]

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One of the more useful features that exist in Windows Phone 8 is the ability to share your internet connection with other WiFi devices especially when your phone is connected to LTE. In this How to Windows Phone post, we will walk you through the steps to setup internet sharing on your Windows Phone however […]

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There is no doubt that we are big fans of using SkyDrive to sync our information between our Windows 8 PC’s and Tablets, Windows Phone and the cloud however there was a small downside to the desktop app where you could not selectively choose which folders sync to which machines. The reason why this is […]

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As you continue to make purchases in the Windows 8 Store, one thing that will most likely annoy you is the confirmation message which requires that you enter your password for each purchase. While we know it really is a safety feature to prevent your account from being abused, based on your own situation you […]

Post image for How to Use Zune Pass Song Credits With Xbox Music

Even though Microsoft changed their Zune Pass Subscription plan and eliminated the song credit feature many users who maintained their accounts were allowed to continue with the option. Now that Microsoft has gone to the new Xbox Music service, many people who have the old Zune Song credit plan are wondering if they still work […]

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In addition, to purchasing movies and watching them on the Surface RT or a full Windows 8 device, you can certainly watch your own movies by converting them to a supported format and DVDFab converts DVD’s for Windows 8 perfectly. With the Surface RT being such a great Mobile Device watching Movies is a no […]

Post image for How To Add More Flash Enabled Websites in Windows 8 and the Surface RT

While the Windows 8 and the Surface RT web browser supports Flash websites, not all websites are supported and here is a guide to add additional websites to the supported list. Internet Explorer 10 uses the Compatibility View (CV) list to enable specific sites to run with the built in Flash Player. Microsoft manages and distributes the […]