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The great Allison Sheridan invited me to be on and talk about my experiences converting my house into a smarthome by adding home automation. The ability to control my lights, door lock, heating and cooling via my Windows Phone, or Windows 8.1 tablets are all possible because of the Insteon products I have installed. On […]

SkyDrive is Now OneDrive

by Chris on February 19, 2014 · 0 comments

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A couple of weeks ago Microsoft revealed the new name of their online storage system SkyDrive, would become OneDrive. Today thay change is now live as going to the with change over automatically to Also the app in the Windows Phone Store has been updated to reflect the new name OneDrive.

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One of the big things We love about a smaller tablet is the ability to take it anywhere easily and the Dell Venue 8 Pro fits the bill perfectly. Anyone that listens to us on the SMRPodcast knows that there is one aspect of a small tablet that we really like and that is the […]

Post image for Windows 8.1 Features Get Confirmed Start Button Making A Come Back

When Microsoft released Windows 8 there were a lot of complaints about how they implemented it however, the Windows Blue release looks to address many of the complaints. On Paul Thurrott gave readers a pretty good look at what is coming in the first major update to Windows witch is 8.1.

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We are still annoyed that it took this long but the latest update to Skype for Windows 8 has added the video messaging feature. To get the feature you only need to update your version of Skype in the Windows 8 Store which should give you the ability to leave video messages for friends even […]

Post image for Windows 8 News APP Gets RSS Feed Support

While most device platforms have built in programs that are useless therefore, we find it really nice that Windows 8 has many useful apps including the news app. The recent update closed the only big feature that I thought was missing which was the ability to add the RSS feeds from your favorite websites.

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We have been hearing the chatter of the first Windows 8 update which is codenamed Blue however a huge video leak actually showed off the features of what is to come. Along with a few new applications, Microsoft added a few new features such as the ability to snap more than two apps, and two […]

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In addition to the regular “patch Tuesday” updates where Microsoft Pushes out software fixes and enhancements, the Surface Pro and Surface RT devices received firmware updates as well. In the update Microsoft looked to fix up some Wi-Fi issues on both devices while the Surface RT saw some volume issues fixed.

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If this is the year that you plan on replacing your Windows Computer then you should head over to Staples as they have a great offer to move users to a PC running Windows 8 with a touch screen. The offer from Staples allows you to trade in any computer for a 100 dollar gift […]

Post image for EU Fined Microsoft $733 Million Dollars For Breaking Internet Browser Choice Agreement

Microsoft got hit with a huge $733 million dollar fine today for not allowing users to chose which browser they want to use at start up. When you get a Windows computer in most countries, Internet Explorer is the browser by default however the European Union forced Microsoft to have a browser election option to […]