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Windows Phone 8.1 released today and of course one of the major features is Cortana the digital assistant. The feature that helps set Cortana apart from Siri and Google Now is the deep application integration. This deep application does not just launch the app but actually allows you to control different aspects of the app. […]

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With the Windows 8.1 Developer Preview releasing today there are a ton of new awesome features that people will come across. However, I did not expect Cortana to be able to control my Insteon Light Switches already. Thanks to Snap Switch for Windows Phone you can already use voice commands through Cortana to turn lights […]

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With today’s announcement of the new Windows 8.1 devices, AT&T fans should rest assured that AT&T will be carrying the new phones. Unfortunately, there is no exact date stated, however AT&T’s press release state that the will be carrying a LTE Lumia 635 as one of the first Windows Phone 8.1 devices. Hopefully AT&T will […]

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The great Allison Sheridan invited me to be on and talk about my experiences converting my house into a smarthome by adding home automation. The ability to control my lights, door lock, heating and cooling via my Windows Phone, or Windows 8.1 tablets are all possible because of the Insteon products I have installed. On […]

SkyDrive is Now OneDrive

by Chris on February 19, 2014 · 0 comments

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A couple of weeks ago Microsoft revealed the new name of their online storage system SkyDrive, would become OneDrive. Today thay change is now live as going to the with change over automatically to Also the app in the Windows Phone Store has been updated to reflect the new name OneDrive.

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You can use Windows Phone to control Insteon devices using a very cool app called Snap Switch. I recently started transforming my house to a smarthome using Insteon technology which allows you to remotely control your lights and other appliances. All of the devices can be controlled from a computer however the cool part comes […]

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Anyone that wanted to take advantage of the AT&T Next program but were turned away because the status of the current agreement, are now eligible. Last summer AT&T introduced the Next Program which allows you to upgrade your mobile phone every year. The problem for many that wanted to take advantage of the new program […]

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There are many music streaming services available and now AT&T and Beats Music are teaming up to take over the industry. Looking to address some of the current challenges with other music services, this service will offer a Family Friendly plan which will support up to ten devices. Other Nice features are unlimited streaming and […]

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AT&T continues to lead the other carriers with the range of smartphones and sent us the Samsung ATIV S Neo Windows Phone to play around with and after a week I couldn’t help feeling is a nice phone that has no wow factor. The Samsung Ativ S Neo has plenty of features going for it […]

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Today, AT&T announced they have invested $70 million in its local Maryland wireless and wired networks so far this year. From 2010 through 2012 AT&T spent almost $650 million on upgrades so it is really nice to see them continue to drop money on the area. While on vacation I noticed that my Windows Phone […]