Post image for Get On The Destiny Beta By Pre-Ordering

If you are anticipating Destiny¬†you can get beta access by pre-ordering the game. Right now Titanfall is consuming a lot off gamers lives including our own however Destiny is the next game on the list. Destiny is slated to be released in September and is brought to us by Bungie the same guys that made […]

Post image for Unboxing The Xbox One Stereo Headset And Early Thoughts

Microsoft not only made it possible for third party gaming headsets but actually put out their own headset too for the Xbox One. The Xbox One Stereo Headset provides a different gaming experience than the one that comes by default and so far it is a serious upgrade. We will do a full review later […]

Post image for How To Update Your Xbox One Controller

In the next Xbox One update there will also be a new update for your controller too. The update allows for the Xbox One Controller to support the new Xbox One Stereo Adapter as well as some optimization at the request of the Titanfall game developers. Updating the Xbox One controller is pretty simple however […]

Post image for Microsoft Unboxes The Xbox One, Chat Headset Included

We are just a few months away from the release of the Xbox One and Microsoft has started the production of the consoles. Major Nelson has create a video unboxing the Xbox One and to our surprise, the headset is actually included. Other information in the video is that the included HDMI cable supports 4K […]

Post image for Microsoft Announces Xbox One Looks Awesome

Yesterday after all the waiting, Microsoft finally took the wraps off of the Xbox One the new version of their gaming console coming this year. They new features they talked about which were exciting but our favorite so far is the docking of applications much like Windows 8. The other strong feature they announced was […]

Post image for Borderlands 2 Level Update Cap Released Today Evil Smasher Bug Patched

Today the Level update for Borderlands 2 has been released bringing the ability for players to get past level 50 up to 61. The update released today also brings in some bad news for Legendary Weapon farmers the Evil Smasher Bug has been patched and will no longer affect your other weapons and after testing […]

Post image for Microsoft Launching Xbox Live Is Ten Giveaway Win a Limited Edition Xbox 360

Hard to believe it is a correct statement as the Xbox Live Service has turned 10 years old as I remember being accepted to the Beta to test the service. To celebrate the 10 years Microsoft is hosting a giveaway where you could win one of five grand prizes which is a limited edition custom¬†Xbox […]

Post image for How to Use Zune Pass Song Credits With Xbox Music

Even though Microsoft changed their Zune Pass Subscription plan and eliminated the song credit feature many users who maintained their accounts were allowed to continue with the option. Now that Microsoft has gone to the new Xbox Music service, many people who have the old Zune Song credit plan are wondering if they still work […]

Post image for Internet Explorer On The Xbox 360 Is Really Good

I was lucky enough to be on the Xbox Fall update beta this summer and really had a chance to play with the new Internet Explorer app for the Xbox 360 and found it to be really good. The webpages render on the screen very well and look great. I was anticipating a stretching of […]

Post image for Xbox Fall Update Hitting More Machines Today

More Machines are starting to get the new Xbox Fall Update which brings the Zune replacement Xbox Music and the fantastic Internet Explorer. When you turn on your Xbox and sine into Live you should be prompted for the system update. After a few minutes of downloads and reboots you should see the addition of […]