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by Chris on August 2, 2012 · 19 comments

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Microsoft released the new email address and some users setup an alias however, many users may want to switch their current Hotmail or Live accounts over. The process to do that is pretty simple and we will walk you through the steps on how to switch from Hotmail to

If you are wondering what happens when you change your address here is how Microsoft explains it:

Rename your email address

Why rename your address? When you rename your email address, your new ID works just like your old one. Your new mail will go to your inbox, and you can choose to keep your old mail in a separate folder. All of your other Microsoft account info—like contacts, photos and Office docs on SkyDrive—will also switch to your new address within a few days.

After upgrading your account to the new Metro version, you may decide to switch your Hotmail address to Outlook here are the steps.


In the top right corner, tap the settings button.

 When the drop down menu appears select “More Mail Settings”

Once the menu appears, on the left hand side select the option to “Rename your email address”

When the next screen comes up you can type in your new email address and select it to be an account. Of course if the address is not available, you will have to select another name.

After you hit save you will taken to a logon screen where you will login using your new email address. This is done as a security measure.

Now that you have logged in, you will have the option to send emails sent to your old Hotmail address into the Inbox or a separate folder. (if you skip this option we beleive it will just delete your old address but did not test this.)

Finally, when you hit done you will be taken to your Mailbox. If you choose the option, look at the folder tree on the left you should see the folder for the old Hotmail emails. In your inbox will be your first message telling you everything is done.


When you are done, you will be able to log into all the Microsoft services you used before with your new email address. These changes will also be pushed to other services like Zune and Windows Phone Marketplace. One thing to note is you will have to reset your Windows Phone and log in with your new address as you cannot change it on the device!


When you are done with the old Hotmail address you can delete it by going into your account settings and removing the old Hotmail address. Simply click the settings button again, on the left click account settings then click notifications. There is an option to Manage Email preferences and fro there you can delete the old Hotmail address.


  • SomaZero

    You should make an app to change the Hotmail to outlook in the WP7 without the hard reset and the loss of all the information that imply.

    • Chris

      If i had DEV skills I would!!

  • John

    This statement is wrong:

    “Now that you have logged in, you will have the option to send emails sent to your old Hotmail address into the Inbox or a separate folder. (if you skip this option we beleive it will just delete your old address but did not test this.)”.

    All that it says is how to organize the email already in your Inbox (Look at the past tense used here: “sent”). If you skip that step, all of your existing emails will stay in the Inbox. If you choose a folder, all of your existing emails will be moved to the folder you select.

    • Chris

      Thanks for checking in John!! I think your misreading the message a little as it does say they need to know where to send emails sent to your old address. If you look at the last part of the statement they say we ALSO move all mail that is currently in your inbox. I have also tested this and it absolutely does receive emails sent to the old address.

  • Ryan Butt

    i get this error when i changed my @hotmail to @gmail
    “The Microsoft account is incorrect. Please try again.”

    now both account appear Dead on hotmail!!!

    hotmail sucks man, better stick with gmail

    • Chris

      You can’t change a gmail to hotmail you can only migrate to it. Remember that even if you have a gmail email address it can be a Microsoft account. It would be better if you signed up for a new outlook account hen pulled your gmail in

      • Ryan Butt

        No that is not what i meant.
        i have an old @hotmail but i use @gmail from GMAIL mostly.
        so today i ReNamed my @hotmail to @gmail from HOTMAIL.

        now my Hotmail account is gone…why?

        • Chris

          Sounds to me that you may have switched your logon name to your gmail address. How exactly did you rename your hotmail to gmail?

          • Ryan Butt

            well it didn’t work, now its working
            i did was Hotmail >Gmail>Outlook now it works on Outlook.

          • Chris

            Glad it’s working now!

          • Ryan Butt

            well now my @hotmail account appears to be dead, when send email to Hotmail it says ADDRESS DOES NOT EXISTS.

            @outlook does work

  • Bhavesh Patel

    If you skip the option asking you where you want your old emails, is there away to change them from a separate folder to your new inbox?

  • Deli MEat Slicer

    So when i go to sign in to various accounts online, I’ll just use my old hotmail name, but with instead?

  • Carlos Gramadzo

    Hello, I am trying to return the outlook to hotmail, but the option.: Switch back hotmail does not appear, there is another way to accomplish this configuration?
    thanks a lot!!

  • clare

    Hi I created an outlook alias. I can receive mail to but if I want to send mail it automatically reverts to my old hotmail address, there is a drop down menu that allows me to change to outlook but I would prefer to get rid of the old hotmail address and just use my new outlook one rather than have to manually select outlook each time. When I go into account settings there is no ‘Rename your email’ option. I am so frustrated!

    • Markoff

      you must go to Settings, accounts, delete your alias (!), don’t worry system will remember it and then go to Rename account and in Create new address use your deleted alias and your primary account will be changed from old into which will be also default address, it’s quite stupid workaround that MS doesn’t do it in normal user friendly way, but don’t worry it works, I had sameproblem and studied many forums



  • Ayesha

    shut up Sonia outlook is great

  • huzaifa

    thats not workingg thanks alot

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