How To Change Your Key And Activate Windows 8 Enterprise

by Chris on August 22, 2012 · 39 comments

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If you are having trouble activating Windows 8 it may be because you were never presented with an option to enter the key however these commands will help you change the Windows 8 Key. After installing Windows 8 Enterprise on my Dell 6500 I had an issue activating it which I found out happened to a few other people as well. What happens is I was never prompted to enter my key and the option to change the key was missing. After following this procedure Windows 8 Enterprise was successfully activated.

Right click the left hand corner of your Windows 8 screen and Click Command Prompt (Admin)


At the command prompt, type: slmgr.vbs -ipk <then type your product key>


Hit Enter on your keyboard, then type: slmgr.vbs -ato


That’s it and note that this should work on any edition of Windows 8 that you use.

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Updated Option 

The SLUI 3 Command is another option

If you bring up the run command or a command prompt you can type in “SLUI 3” and hit enter.

 You should see the Windows Activation box come up and ask you for a key. Put your Key in and Press Activate

After you hit Activate you will see the activating Windows Box come up

 After a few seconds, your copy of Windows 8 will be activated. 

Thanks Ftcreator for the tip!!

  • moin

    I TRIED this method it is showing me error in its first step itself

    • gundom

      go to command promp says c user type slui 3 put space between slui and 3 should pull up key entry screen type key press activate

  • sona

    Thank you, it worked perfectly

    • Chris

      Glad it did!!

  • sphadee

    worked like charm thanks!!!

    • Erick

      where did u get the Product key dude?

  • annon

    fucking lies

  • wind

    not working, dated 15-09-2012

    • Chris

      Sorry bub seems like it works for most but some may have an issue

  • B1ackDiamond

    Worked for me. :-)

  • kvee

    can u give the key???

  • thesage

    Works perfectly. You have to put the dash symbol between the blocks of code for example xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-, and not xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ftcreator

    There is a another way.. Use “slui 3” command in PowerShell or CMD window. then it will prompt the activation window

    • Chris

      This absolutely works I will add it to the post thanks for checking in

  • ahsan

    good…………….its working

  • Kzarin

    I’ve tried for hours with activation and every method google has shown me during that time. Enterprise will not activate, just times out. Changed key properly first of course, disabled firewall in router, rebooted router, done updates, cmd line tools, everything.
    Even set my pc on the DMZ via the router.
    This is bloody stupid and basically will NOT recommend Windows 8 to anyone. What a waste of effort.

  • radicalbadger

    Just type ‘slui 3’ in the run dialogue. It will prompt you to enter the key in the gui for activation.

  • gundom

    slui 3 works on dell computers worked on mine perfect had to type CMD from start menu to get to command prompt

  • Sander Hoogendoorn

    Second method worked fine for me! Thanks!

    • Chris

      Awesome, glad to hear it!!

  • Ajay Kc

    hey how to launch administrator command prompt in windows 8 pro edition???????

  • Ajay Kc

    I tried with slui 3 but it got the product key and even its sayin dat the dns name does not exist

  • poo

    didn’t work
    slmgr.vbs -ipk

    works fine
    slmgr.vbs /ipk

  • Jesper

    Thank you !! I had installed and activated a plain “Windows 8” first, and need the “Hyper V” so I installed an “Enterprise” version. This gave the exact same problem.
    One problem down; 3 gazillion to come. :-)

  • Hritwik

    I want the key

  • Kumaran

    Thank you very much!!! The updated option worked perfectly for me

  • anna

    Hi, no one works
    I received: “Go to Control Panel to learn about other ways to activate “

  • pc_NOOB78

    I Have a Gateway e-2500d running windows 8 enterprise demo will this work 4 me???

  • vickyou

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  • katiemax

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  • Tayyib Ahsan

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  • daisy12

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  • daisy12

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  • Michelle Jacobs

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    • Michelle Jacobs

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  • Weisser Edna

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  • Jessica Brown

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