How To Configure Specific Folders To Sync In SkyDrive For Windows

by Chris on November 16, 2012 · 1 comment

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There is no doubt that we are big fans of using SkyDrive to sync our information between our Windows 8 PC’s and Tablets, Windows Phone and the cloud however there was a small downside to the desktop app where you could not selectively choose which folders sync to which machines. The reason why this is necessary is because one of your devices could be a tablet where not as much storage is available therefore having one machine sync everything while another only does some pictures is a welcome feature. Now that the ability to select which folders sync to which pc we will walk you through the steps to setup this feature.

Configuring Sync Folders in SkyDrive For Windows

After either receiving the SkyDrive For Windows update or installing newly installing SkyDrive fresh, look in the system tray in the bottom right hand corner for the SkyDrive icon. Right click on the icon and tap settings


You should see the settings screen launch with a new “Choose Folders” tab in the middle click it.


Now that you are in the “Choose Folders” tab click the “Choose Folders” button


A new window will launch giving you the option to sync everything or just a certain set of folders to sync to SkyDrive. Select the second radial and then you can begin to pick and choose which one of these folders will sync to this particular machine.


Repeat this process for your different devices and you will have a more streamlined experience when using SkyDrive For Windows.

  • Lucas

    This is great, but how do I choose the folders on my PC that I want to synch with Skydrive? it seems like it will only let me use the c:users%username%skydrive folder as the synch folder and I have to copy all the files I want to synch into that location. I think I must be missing something – surely it will just let me point to any folders on my drive and keep them synched? You can drag and drop a folder into skydrive and it will copy the folder, but that leaves you with two copies in two locations, one of which doesn’t synch. bad news.
    anyone out there able to help?

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