Control Insteon Devices With Windows Phone Using Snap Switch

by Chris on January 27, 2014 · 2 comments

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You can use Windows Phone to control Insteon devices using a very cool app called Snap Switch. I recently started transforming my house to a smarthome using Insteon technology which allows you to remotely control your lights and other appliances. All of the devices can be controlled from a computer however the cool part comes in when you use your phone.

Snap Switch allows you to take advantage of your Insteon Devices from your phone by connecting to your ISY controller which is the central device in your smarthome setup. Once Connected you can Control your Scenes, individual devices, and programs. For example, from my Lumia 1520, I can turn on or off any light I have setup and even unlock my door.

In case you are worried about on going support I have received two updates in the last two weeks and one of them brought voice commands to the app. By simple activating the voice command I can use my voice to control my Insteon devices too. Finally, it’s nice to see that Snap Switch supports multiple connections for those that may need to connect to multiple homes.

Overall, I am very happy with Snap Switch because the performance is excellent and it does pretty much everything the average user will need in order to control Lights and Appliances from a Windows Phone.


You can grab Snap Switch from the Windows Phone Store for 7.99.

  • Jason

    Hi, I’m the developer of the Snap Switch app. Thanks for posting this review!
    I just want to let everyone know that another major update to the Snap Switch app is coming in a few days. It will have several new features, including IP camera support.
    Also there is a Windows 8 version of the app available too.

    • Chris

      Great Job with the App the Windows 8 app was pick the very next week of our show!

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