How to Convert DVD’s For The Surface RT And Windows 8

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In addition, to purchasing movies and watching them on the Surface RT or a full Windows 8 device, you can certainly watch your own movies by converting them to a supported format and DVDFab converts DVD’s for Windows 8 perfectly. With the Surface RT being such a great Mobile Device watching Movies is a no brainer of an activity to use it for however you are not limited to just buying movies from the Microsoft store you can certainly use DVDFab to convert a DVD for the Surface RT and Windows 8 and copy the resulting file to your device. In the how to Windows 8 guide, we will walk you through the easy steps to convert DVD’s for the Surface RT which will also work on any Windows 8 device too.

The first thing that you need to do is grab a copy of DVDFab DVD Ripper which is the best DVD ripping software I have ever used. DVDFab DVD Ripper can convert your DVD’s to other formats such as MP4, WAV, AVI and more. The guys keep the software updated and keep adding new features and technology support all the time.

Converting a DVD

The first step after launching the DVDFab DVD Ripper is to select a movie to be converted and a location for the converted file to be saved too. After popping in your DVD you will see it begin to load as the “Source” and when it’s done you can then select the save location as the “Target”. For advance users the source can be a pre ripped Video_TS folder.


The next step is to choose the device we want to support which in this case we will select the Xbox 360. On the left hand side of the screen click the More button and then choose Xbox 360 on the pop out. By choosing the Xbox 360 format, the output file will be .wmv which is supported by not only Windows 8 and Windows RT but also the Xbox 360 and Windows Phone too.


Now that you have the basics setup, you are going to need to grab the actual movie portion of the DVD that you want to convert which is usually the title with the longest play time. when you locate it, just check the box and DVDFab will begin to analyze the movie which should take about a minute.


Once the device support is selected it is now time to choose a profile which essentially is the basic settings such as the audio type and screen resolution used to convert the dvd to .wmv. In this case, you should select the profile that ends with .wma 10 because that supports 5.1 audio. You will also want to uncheck the box on the bottom right hand side which will remove subtitles from the final video unless you want them.


At this point, you are really ready to start the conversion however I like to do a few housekeeping changes to the profile which is accomplished by hitting the “Edit” button next to the profile selector. From the edit window I like to modify the output file name and every once in a while I may change the resolution but you are ok going with the defaults. Hit OK when you are done.


When you are done with your conversion settings you simple hit the start button in the bottom right corner which will kick off the process. There are a few factors that can control the speed but I would expect around 45 minutes or so.


When the DVD conversion is complete you will see it screen change over to completed and you just need to hit OK.


When you browse to the output location you will see your .wmv file there and all you have to do is copy it to your Surface Tablet or to the permanent location on your Windows 8 device.



Copying the converted movie file to the Videos library on Windows 8 will allow it to show up in the Videos app.


From there you can launch the video and enjoy your converted movie on your Windows 8 device.



There are many DVD conversation tools out there but for the money, ease of use and functionality, DVDFab DVD Ripper is just a no brainer of a product for converting movies for Windows 8 and RT.


Grab a copy of DVD Fab DVD Ripper

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