Google Redesigned Google Search App For Windows Phone

by Chris on March 11, 2012 · 0 comments

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We reported earlier that Google was beginning to take Windows Phone more seriously and updating the Google Services to support Windows Phone and now their search app in the Marketplace has been updated too. A few days ago, Google announced that they updated their Google search app to include Autocomplete, Voice Search, and Location. While the app really does not follow the Metro UI, I am happy with the fact that the app was updated and look forward for more of their services to be directly supported on Windows Phone.

Here is the post that Google has about the Windows Phone App update:

Windows Phone owners can now get easy access to the Google Search App, available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Check out these features which help you get useful results fast:

  • Google Autocomplete: As you type in your search, our autocomplete feature offers search predictions that often match your intended search term making search entry easier and faster.
  • Voice Search: With our voice feature, you can avoid typing all together. Simply press the microphone and begin speaking your query.
  • My Location: With your permission, Google can use your device location to provide nearby results easily and accurately. For instance, a search for “coffee shops” quickly displays the nearest places you can go to for a cup of coffee.

You can pick up a copy of Google Search in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

{via Google’s Mobile Blog}


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