Installing And Configuring SkyDrive For Windows on Windows 8

by Chris on April 25, 2012 · 3 comments

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Yesterday Microsoft released SkyDrive For Windows and we couldn’t wait to install it and use it and even captured the process for our readers. The download was quick and the setup and configuration of SkyDrive for Windows was simple enough. There were no real gotcha moments in the configuration and the biggest thing to note is that this is an all or nothing integration therefore, be sure that you have sufficient disk space.

How To Install SkyDrive For Windows

If you go to and you can download the application. Once it is downloaded you can browse to the location and click to install it.


Once the install has started you will see the progress bar pop up on the screen.


The install takes a few seconds then you will see the welcome to SkyDrive screen.


Once you click the “Get Started” button you will be prompted to log in with your live id and if you don’t have one you can create it.


Once you successfully log in with your live id, you are then prompted to select a location for the files currently on SkyDrive to be downloaded to. The default location works great for me.


if you want to change the location simple click the “Change” button and select a new location.


The next step is to choose to allow the local files stored on the machine to be accessible remotely.


Once you click done SkyDrive for Windows has been successfully installed.

Configuring SkyDrive for Windows

Moving the mouse to the system tray and hovering over the SkyDrive icon allows you to see the current status of SkyDrive


If you have a need to reconfigure the options you choose during the install you can right click your mouse on the SkyDrive icon and click settings.


When the configuration screen comes up, you can change the startup options and the remote access to files capabilities.


Clicking on the “About” tab allows you the option to disconnect this machine from your SkyDrive account.


Using SkyDrive For Windows

When you open up explorer on your PC, the tree view will have a new option on the left hand side which will be SkyDrive. you can also browse directly to the location too. The icons on each file and folder will reveal the status of the sync with a green check being the file is synced and the rotating arrows meaning that it is being synced.


To get files into SkyDrive, you simple copy and paste it into the directory that you selected. You can even create new directories or reorganize the files and folders that already exist.

Final Thoughts

Everyone should be using some type of cloud storage for both email and personal files. A cloud solution really gives you access from anywhere and furthermore protects your content from disasters. Microsoft has made cloud use extremely easy by adding SkyDrive for Windows. Furthermore, on Windows 8 you have a metro styled app or a desktop app for accessing your content.



  • Jan Hannemann

    If you wanna sync any folder without moving it to your SkyDrive folder you should read this

    • Chris

      Pretty cool post I am actually writing a post talking about using both dropbox and skydrive together

      • Jan Hannemann

        Thanx, glad that you like it.

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