Installing Office 2013 Customer Preview On The Acer Iconia Tablet

by Chris on July 17, 2012 · 1 comment

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Yesterday Microsoft announced Office 2013 and also gave users the ability to download a customer preview which we have installed on our Acer Iconia W500. This is the same tablet we installed the Windows 8 Release Preview on a few weeks ago. The install was smooth and fast and so far it has been working very well. The install is the Office 365 Home Premium Preview which is really all that I and most people will need. One thing to note about the install is disk space when it was all said in done I was left with 4GB of space so be mindful if you have a lot of apps installed.

I initiated the install from the internet which installs the Office on Demand which basically is going to be a paid service for office and installs only a portion of it on your machine however running it seemed pretty seamless.

Office 2013 Download and Installer Configuration

The first thing that comes up is start screen where you will hit get started now to start the install.


Next Office 2013 Logs you into your Windows Live account (on Windows 8) however you may be prompted to login if it did not. This is the accounts page which allows you to control how many machines Office is installed on and connected services such as SkyDrive.


Once you hit install the download begins


The first screen of the install is a nice flat looking windows that shows configuring at the bottom


After the installer configures itself it then begins to connect to your account in the cloud.


After a few minutes you are now ready to walk through the install.


Install Process of Office 2013 On Windows 8

After you hit next you have the opportunity to help Microsoft gather information about how you use Office


Once you hit next on the previous screen you then get to choose a theme for your install of office


I went with Circuit and notice the bottom left of the Windows now shows the new theme


Also in the top right hand corner is the opportunity to provide feed back at any point during the install and even when using a component of Office 2013.


The next screen is just an informational one about leveraging SkyDrive with your Office install


It took about 8 minutes to get to this point and pretty much at this point office is done installing and usable however there is more components that will be installed.


Clicking the take a look button launches PowerPoint and has a presentation to walk you through the new Office 2013.


What is really cool about PowerPoint Launching is that the other Office 2013 components are installing in the background while you are completely able to use it. After a few more minutes, the install is complete which allows you to use Office offline as well as while connected to the internet.


Going to the Windows 8 start screen you can see the components of Office 2013 that were installed.


I launched OneNote to get a closer look at the new Metro themed version of Office and it really looks as nice as you would expect it too.


Early Thoughts

I started playing around with the install and really like what I see so far. I like the way the ribbon can be turned on and off and using my finger to get through Word and OneNote have not been a big deal. I still need to try out the Metro Version of OneNote but at least you can install this version and use it without issue. The install totaled about 2.2 GB after checking the size of the folder under Program Files so just be mindful of that when installing Office 2013 Customer Preview on your machine.


  • Blattlaus

    Tried last night, but kept getting “Do not have enough memory” message even after wiping the desktop. I wish the W500 had 64gb. Maybe tonight I’ll delete some of the metro apps and try again. Interested in seeing what Excel is like.

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