Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview On The Acer Iconia Tablet

by Chris on March 1, 2012 · 19 comments

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When the Windows 8 developer preview released last year I had ordered the Acer Iconia so that I could really experience what Windows 8 brings to the table so the consumer preview is going to be even better. Much like the last time, the install took me roughly 15 minutes, which is awesome, and the booth time is between 13 to 15 seconds. Since this version of Windows 8 is more functional, I will have a follow some follow up posts with talking more about the overall usage.

Updated: Check out the release preview install

Here are the Pictures of the Windows 8 consumer preview on the Acer Iconia.

I used the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool, which I think is the best way to do the install, and after plugging the USB key in I had to hit F2 to change the boot order. Once I selected the USB Drive as the primary boot, I hit F10 to save and exit. Finally, Windows 8 began to load.

Here is the new digital fish symbol that you see when the install is loading.


Here is the first screen that comes up where you just have to select what language you want.


After the language is selected it is time to hit the install button


Setup Started


Putting in the Key and accepting you your license.



At this point it is time to choose the type of install and I went with the custom install so I could delete the old Windows 8 version that was on there.



After deleting the partition it was time to install the Consumer Preview. The installer started copying the files.


The copying part took about 13 minutes and after that the install took about 2 more minutes.


Finally, one last reboot before the initial configuration.



I missed the next screen which just gave you an over view of the next screens you are about to see so first up was background color and PC name on the Personalize screen.



Next up was getting on the wireless network which you don’t have to but it helps you with logging into your Windows Live Account.



Now it is time to run through the settings you can choose to go through the express setup but I like to poke around.


First step is to turn on or off sharing on the network so other PC’s can see this machine


Now it is time for automatic updating



Next up is deciding if you want to help Microsoft improve Windows and check online for solutions to problems.



Here begins some of the cool Windows 8 features where you can log into your Microsoft Account which is formally your Windows Live ID.



Once you authenticate your Microsoft Account, you can enter your mobile phone number as a way to reset your password in case of emergency.



Finally, your account shows up and Windows 8 loads.



The whole install took about 14 minutes and was smooth as silk. If you are looking for an affordable tablet to get on the Windows 8 wave early checkout the Acer Iconia from Amazon.

  • Blattlaus

    Hi Chris-
    Couldn’t wait to try W8 out, so I took the plunge and my w500 should arrive Monday. I’ve been reading several install how to’s and I’ve seen people install both 32 and 64 bit versions. Which did you use? I’ve read one person install the 64 and say it was great, and then I’ve seen someone else say they installed the 32 because some of the drivers won’t work with the 64. Any opinion?

    • Chris

      Hey sorry took me so long to reply I was travelling, I went with 64 bit just because I always opt for it. The 32 bit install is a little smaller but I am not worried about disk space. There were two devices acting up one was the Bluetooth and the other is unknown but if i remember correctly I had the same problem with the preview which the original disk had the drivers I needed. I will let you know if that is the case again however none of these so far is affecting me using the Iconia.

      • Blattlaus

        No worries. Thanks for your help. I’ll let you know how it goes.

        • Chris

          Please do

          • Blattlaus

            W500 came Friday. After reading lots of posts on the web re: drivers, I chickened out and installed 32 bit on it. The only problem with the install I had was in actually creating the boot USB stick. For some reason the download kept getting interrupted or the iso file was corrupt. After switching around computers it worked. The rest of the setup was flawless. Everything works except screen rotation.

            My first impressions:
            – Win8 is as snappy as WP7.5 – great touch experience in the OS and browser
            – Touch not as smooth in some of the apps- the puzzle and solitaire games need major work. This is too bad as they could be a great showcase for the Win8 touch experience.
            – I love the browser experience. The only issue I have is when you swipe back, the page appears but you it takes a few seconds for it to really load before you can interact with it. Even with this it is so much better than my ASUS Transformer for browsing.
            – Wish the preview included Zune Pass compatibility. I wonder what the final media suite will be…..
            – Wish it had Kindle instead of Kobo.
            – I hope they keep releasing more apps on it during the preview. I wonder if you could do a WP7 app emulator?

            All in all its much better than the Win7 that was on the w500 originally. I’m going to spend more time with it this week. I’m really interested in trying out the desktop side of things as well- that seems to be where most complaints are coming from. Android on tablets looks like it will be in big trouble when Win8 comes out.

          • Chris

            Ah common 32 bit? LOL, hey well at least I have you to compare with since I installed the 64bit version therefore very cool congrats! Sorry I did forget about the auto rotation I should have mentioned that. But I am really enjoying it on my tablet. Are you installing office?

          • Blattlaus

            I don’t have a personal copy of office- just on my work laptop. I’m going to try to install Zune on the desktop and see what happens. Do you have bluetooth working on yours? I think I need to update the driver in that as well.

          • Chris

            No bluetooth yet haven’t had a need to mess around with it but I will play with it today.
            Here is the link to the support page

          • Ratan Phamber

            Hello, had Windows 8 installed for a while now on mines. For Bluetooth problems or other driver issues, just go to Device Manager and go to Properties on any drivers appearing as unknown. Update the drivers from here and you’ll see that Windows 8 will do the rest. So far on 64 bit I have everything working except the g sensor and the touch screen drivers. Only once I opened up Photoshop did I realise that it was recognising the input and after some research, it seemed its because the driver won’t install and therefore will not let software like Photoshop know to use the touch input. The driver always fails installation. Apart from that its awesome.

  • Korroloco

    Hello, I have experience with 8 W500 C-50 and Windows Developer Preview and goes better with 32 bit.

    I am hoping w500 with C-60 to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Me could inform into the evaluation of hers in “rate and improve your computer´s preformance” and if the gyroscope works? THANKS.

    • Chris

      Thanks for checking in!! The gyroscope does not work and according to Blattlaus it doesn’t work on the 32bit either.

  • Win8

    @Chris How you press F2 on the tablet?? or you connected the tablet to the pc?

    • Chris

      You are correct I used the keyboard that came with it. That is the beauty of a Windows Tablet!!

  • alan costilo

    Hello. I can’t get past the WIN 7 partition delete. I deleted the partitions… re-did them and formatted them in all sizes, and could not get to the next step, I left the partition deleted as in your picture… and I still get the message that We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one. See setup log files. I cannot find the setup log files.

    There is a button for “Load Driver” that I don’t undeerstand. Is there a driver to install at this point?

    Please help, Thanks., Big Al

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  • jugg

    I don’t have a personal copy of office- just on my work laptop. I’m going to try to install Zune on the desktop and see what happens. Do you have bluetooth working on yours? I think I need to update the driver in that as well.

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