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by Jerome on April 10, 2012 · 5 comments

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We finally got around to setting up our visual voicemail feature on the Nokia Lumia 900 and wanted to share the steps we went through to get the feature working.  Enabling the feature on the phone requires a call to customer support.

It is best to call from another phone as they may require you to reset your voicemail password and/or restart the phone while they make changes on their end which was the case with us.  After you reset your password and enter it you will see that your call ‘history’ screen changes slightly by the removal of the voicemail icon at the bottom.  You’ll also notice that a ‘voicemail’ screen is now available.


The options that are available under ‘voicemail’ include the numeric keypad, multi-select and speakerphone function.  When playing a message you have additional menu selections which include play/pause, delete, call back and contact details (history and profile) which brings the contact management features all together.

imageimageScreen Capture(6)

Overall we are very please with the execution of the visual voicemail feature on the Windows Phone platform.  It is great to see that they have continued the integration with history and profile functions we have come to know and love with the people hub.  For more details on Visual voicemail features for Windows Phone LTE devices.

  • dnana

    Thanks!!! You definitely need to call ATT to reset the password and call from another phone to change it.

  • Tai A Truong

    anyone have issue with the Visual Voicemail disappearing?

    • Jerome

      Definitely have not seen that one. Are the individual voicemail entries disappearing or is the functionality all together disappearing?

    • joanne

      yes! I’m trying to figure out how to get it back!

      • Chris

        Mine is still their no problem make sure it is still a part of your plan is what I would suggest

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