Review Of the Energizer Qi Inductive Charger With Windows Phone

by Chris on March 25, 2013 · 0 comments

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With wireless charging being a cool feature on some of the newer Windows Phones, the Energizer Qi Inductive charger is the perfect accessory for you. When we unboxed the Energizer wireless charger, we found that the device was simple to setup with just finding a location for the charge plate and plugging it in. After placing our Nokia Lumia 920 on the plate, it instantly started to charge making it function as well as we had hoped.

The technology

A Qi charger essentially charges a device by using an electromagnetic field to generate the energy. The phone has a receiver to get the charge while the plate, usually called a base station, has the power transmitter. The Energizer charger has an area where the phone has to be to get the charge and a blue light on the charger lets you know you hit it.

Placing the Base Station

The charger base station is only the size of a book so finding a good place to put it is relatively easy. Initially it started out on my desk however being that it was a double charger, it made more sense to accessible to my wife. The Energizer Qi charger now sits in the TV room which allows us both to charge our phones while watching TV.

Is Wireless Charging Slower

While we did not sit and time the exact time from empty to full we decided to take a different approach to testing charge times. Instead of using a stop watch we decided to just use the charger and we are happy to say we did not notice a difference. Charging the Nokia Lumia 920 on the charger felt the same as


This device is pretty straight forward as you plug it in and place your Qi enabled phone on top of it. When the phone finishes charging you can move it or anytime in between. With the added benefit of being able to grab your phone when you need it and just place it back down to continue the charge the Energizer Qi inductive charger is the perfect accessory for your Windows Phone.

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