SkyDrive Recycle Bin Allows You To Recover Deleted Files

by Chris on September 19, 2012 · 0 comments

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When you delete files in SkyDrive, you will now have the ability to recover it from the newly added SkyDrive Recycle Bin. Ever since SkyDrive for Windows released I have been using Microsoft’s Cloud service as part of my everyday life, and the service keeps getting better. The new SkyDrive Recycle bin is in the bottom left hand corner of SkyDrive, next to the “Manage Storage” option and newly deleted files will be there at least three days.

The files in the SkyDrive Recycle Binwill be permanently deleted after 30 days or if the files in your recycle bin exceeds 10% of your storage limit, SkyDrive will begin to delete the oldest content. The feature was mainly added as a result of feedback from students who wanted protection from a collaborative folder where someone may accidently delete something however keep in mind that Office documents are versioned and stored automatically. This feature does not show up on the SkyDrive for Windows folder yet, but I a, assuming that it may get added to the mobile clients later.  You don not have to do anything to get the new recycle bin feature it will just show up .


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