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Many Lumia 920 owners may not realize they have an option to turn off call waiting as part of the settings available on the phone and here we will show you how to disable it. If you are wondering why I use this option it’s pretty simple as I use my phone for not only […]

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In addition, to purchasing movies and watching them on the Surface RT or a full Windows 8 device, you can certainly watch your own movies by converting them to a supported format and DVDFab converts DVD’s for Windows 8 perfectly. With the Surface RT being such a great Mobile Device watching Movies is a no […]

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While the Windows 8 and the Surface RT web browser supports Flash websites, not all websites are supported and here is a guide to add additional websites to the supported list. Internet Explorer 10 uses the Compatibility View (CV) list to enable specific sites to run with the built in Flash Player. Microsoft manages and distributes the […]

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One of the mandatory features for a mobile device is the ability to take screen shots and the Microsoft Surface RT Tablet is no different in this regard. The procedure to capture a screen shot on the Surface RT Tablet is pretty simple where all you have to do is press the Windows Button at […]

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As user start taking advantage of the built-in apps in Windows 8 there are a few tip that you will need to know such as multi selecting email messages. Multi selecting messages is s huge part f using email as you may want to mark 3 or 4 of them for deletion at the same […]

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Recently we installed Windows 8 on our Dell E6500 and the installment smoothly however we ran into an issue with the default mail app synching to our Office 365 email account. This was particularly confusing since setting up Office 365 email in the Windows 8 Mail app has never been an issue. As it turns […]

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With a combination of the Windows Phone 8 arrival and the awesome update to Hotmail in becoming, there will be a host of new users needing to setup Outlook.come mail on their new devices. In this how to Windows Phone guide, we walk you through the steps of setting up email on Windows […]

How To Reset Windows Phone

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Whether you just need to wipe your phone to prepare it for a new user or from an issue here is the steps to reset your Windows Phone. With the new Windows Phone 8 devices weeks away from release, many users will be upgrading their devices. And the decision becomes what to do with the […]

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On Windows 8, there is an option to login with a pin instead of a password, which will make using a touch device much easier, and we have written this guide to show you how to setup pin login on Windows 8. One thing is clear with the upcoming release of Windows 8 is that […]

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One of the things that I noticed while using the Mail App in Windows 8 was that I was not getting notifications for new emails which is helpful while working on desktop mode. While poking around the People Hub I stumbled across the settings to turn it on and here are the steps for you […]