Post image for Xbox 720 and Live Roadmap till 2015 leaked

  With Monday’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT from Microsoft it’s rather timely that information on the Xbox 720 was leaked.  Reeling off the whirlwind of new content, games and features presented at this year’s E3 Microsoft and gaming vendors have us all waiting with baited breath for this falls update and subsequent title releases, can you say […]

Post image for Amazon Instant Video Now Available On The Xbox 360

Today Amazon and Microsoft announced the availability of the Amazon Instant on the Xbox 360 which is great news for both Xbox fans and Amazon Prime customers. Any video or rented from Amazon are now available to be played on the Xbox 360 including any free Amazon Prime videos too. This is the perfect addition […]

Post image for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for Xbox 360 Getting Kinect Support

Bethesda Softworks the developers behind the awesome game Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim announced today that they are planning to add voice controls via Kinect. Skyrim is an awesome game which I describe as TV show Game of Thrones as a roleplaying game. You essentially go through the game battling foes with magic or weapons or […]

Post image for Unboxing Kinect For Windows Pictures

Microsoft finally made available for purchase Kinect for Windows from and it seems like a great idea for using computers especially Windows 8. Paul Thurrott took some shots and commented on what his early thoughts were. The Kinect for Windows Device looks similar to the Xbox accessory, except one of the eyes are located […]

Post image for Kinect Sensor For Windows Now Available For Purchase

Microsoft announced Kinect for Windows is now available for purchase from Kinect for Windows was the natural evolution of the Xbox sensor as enthusiast were already hacking it to work on computers. A few weeks ago, we wrote about the ability to pre-order Kinect for Windows so it is nice to see that it […]

Post image for Pre-Order Kinect For Windows From Amazon

Today at CES it was announced that there will be a Kinect Sensor for Windows which would be able to work on Windows 7 machines starting in February. As of right now you can pre-order the new sensor for 249.99.

Post image for Buy A Xbox 360 4 GB Console With Kinect Bundle Get $100 Amazon Credit

For a limited time you can get $100.00 credit towards purchases from items shipped and sold by Amazon with the purchase of an Xbox 3604GB Console with Kinect. If you do not already own a Kinect device, we are not sure what you are waiting for. Even if you are not that into gaming the […]