Post image for AT&T Continues To Invest In Maryland Upgrades

Today, AT&T announced they have invested $70 million in its local Maryland wireless and wired networks so far this year. From 2010 through 2012 AT&T spent almost $650 million on upgrades so it is really nice to see them continue to drop money on the area. While on vacation I noticed that my Windows Phone […]

Post image for AT&T Expands 4G LTE Coverage In The Washington Metropolitan Area

One thing for sure is that there are going to be many Windows Phone 8 devices released this fall that are running 4G LTE. And with AT&T being a premere launch partner, it is good to see that they are still atempting to rapidly expand their LTE coverage. In this recent press release the D.C. […]

Post image for Another Reason To Get The HTC Titan II And The Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T LTE Faster Than Verizon’s

One of the main features of the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phones, are the fact that they both are 4G LTE phones for AT&T and a recent report shows that AT&T has faster speeds than Verizon.  Even though Verizon got rolled out LTE first it seems that AT&T is making […]

Post image for Nokia Lumia 900 Visual Voicemail

We finally got around to setting up our visual voicemail feature on the Nokia Lumia 900 and wanted to share the steps we went through to get the feature working.  Enabling the feature on the phone requires a call to customer support.

Post image for Sprint’s LTE Windows Phone Rumored To Be Coming This Fall

There is a rumor going around that Sprint is looking to launch an LTE Windows Phone this spring. We have been hard on Sprint for their lack of Windows Phone support and will continue to be until they start carrying some devices so to be clear, I have no faith in this rumor. According to […]

Post image for AT&T Adding 11 New LTE Markets In Time For The HTC Titan II And Nokia Lumia 900

Even though AT&T was late to the LTE game, that does not mean they plan on lagging behind. With this latest press release, AT&T is announcing the next 11 markets that will be getting new data speeds. Windows Phone fans living in the areas listed below may want to get ready to get either the […]

Post image for Sprint Windows Phone Fans Should Leave For AT&T or T-Mobile

We recently took the position that Windows Phone fans should abandon Verizon as they have no interest in the platform and now the same goes for Sprint. In an interview today, Sprint took the position that Windows Phone is not selling well which is understandable. However, their second position was a bit annoying where they […]

Although its been announced that the Lumia 900will be an AT&T exclusive, has Nokia outfitted this Lumia 900 Windows Phone for Verizon as well?  With all the news of the new LTE phones for AT&T, there are millions of Verizon users wondering when they get LTE Windows Phones?  Well we have been going over the specs […]

Post image for Nokia Lumia (Ace) 900 Windows Phone 7 Device Specs

Earlier we talked about the LTE Windows Phones that are coming to AT&T with one of them being the Nokia Lumia 900. The Lumia 900 also know as the Ace is slated to be a bigger version of the Lumia 800 with some newly leaked specks to go along with a new codename Eloko

Fans of Windows Phone 7 have been waiting patiently for Verizon to start showing the platform some respect instead we keep getting terrible news as the latest tells us that Verizon may have no plans for a LTE Windows Phone. Paul Thurrott from is reporting his inside sources are telling him that Verizon is […]