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Post image for AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 8779 Tango Update Staged For Download

Nokia’s servers that hold the updates for their Lumia Windows Phones have the 8779 Tango update ready for download however we are still waiting for AT&T to let it go live. The Nokia Tango Update has better MMS support, flip to silence the ring and also a new Counters app for phone usage information. There […]

Post image for Lumia 900 Running The Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Video

CENT has had a chance to play with a Nokia Lumia 900 running the new Windows Phone start screen and it is nice to see they came away thinking it is as cool as we all thought it was. The challenge Microsoft has right now is keeping consumers excited about the announcements they had last […]

Post image for Nokia Lumia Popular Booth at TechEd 2012

  We recently spotted the Nokia Lumia booth at this year’s TechEd and it is by far one of the most popular booths at this year’s show.  If you stop by the booth you’ll need to fill out a tick to have a chance of getting a free Lumia 900.  Microsoft and Nokia are definitely […]

Post image for Review Of The iFrogz Shell Cocoon Case For The Nokia Lumia 900

If you were considering a Nokia Lumia 900 case here is our review of the iFrogz Shell Cocoon Case.  After about a month of usage out of the case we finally had an opportunity to write a review of it. The Lumia 900, being such a popular device has many different options for protecting your […]

Post image for Steve Wozniak prefers Windows Phone over Android

  In a recent interview with aNewDomain Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak states his feeling of Windows Phone against other popular mobile platforms.  A few key highlights are that the experience of working with Windows Phone is that you’re  “with a friend not a tool.”  He also goes as far as stating that iOS is ‘more […]

Post image for Unboxing The Nokia Lumia 900 iFrogz Shell Cocoon Case

Seeing that the Nokia Lumia 900 is new to the AT&T 4G LTE Windows Phone line-up it is hard to find a solid phone case.  After much searching we decided on the iFrogz Shell Cocoon Case to protect our non-contract investment.  Even though the phone is made up of the same color throughout and scratching […]

Post image for Nokia Lumia 900 Creative Studio App Review

In keeping with their promise Nokia is setting the pace for other Windows Phone manufacturer to following.  They recently made the Creative Studio app available on their application market.  According to the description this app is used for taking, editing and sharing pictures using editing and effects.  There is even a feature to take panoramic […]

Post image for Nokia Lumia 900 Visual Voicemail

We finally got around to setting up our visual voicemail feature on the Nokia Lumia 900 and wanted to share the steps we went through to get the feature working.  Enabling the feature on the phone requires a call to customer support.

Post image for How To Import RSS feeds in SimpiRSS to your WP7 phone

  If you’re like us you’ve either recently upgraded to the Nokia Lumia 900 or the HTC Titan II over the last couple of days.  This means you’ve also realized that all of the apps you installed and/or configured need to be reinstalled and/or reconfigured as well.  One app the requires some additional configuration is […]

Post image for Nokia Lumia 900 has shipped

  The wait is finally over and in approximately 20 hours we should have our Nokia Lumia in hand. No doubt we will be writing an unboxing post and posts on various accessories specifically designed for the Lumia 900 in the coming weeks.  Seeing that the official release date is April 8th and only select […]