Post image for LastPass For Windows Phone Updated And Looks A lot better

LastPass for Windows Phone 8 has just been updated which makes it looks really good and more functional. One of the first apps to get installed on any PC I use is LastPass as I am now completely ignorant to what most of my passwords are to the various sites that I go to. LastPass […]

Post image for Windows Phone Store Now Live No Longer Called Marketplace

Yesterday Microsoft renames the Windows Phone Marketplace to Windows Phone Store which more aligns it with the Windows 8 which uses Store as well. The look and feel of the entire Windows Phone website has changed and takes on a tiled approach.  The Windows Phone Store has more than just a name change and cosmetics, […]

Post image for Windows Phone App Hub Retired Windows Phone Dev Center Opens

Microsoft took much of the feedback from Windows Phone developers and created a new portal for them called Windows Phone Dev Center. The new Dev Center will be the location for developers to submit both Windows Phone 7 and Phone 8 applications. As soon as you log in, you notice how much more streamlined and […]

Post image for WWE App Hits The Windows 8 Store

Now that Windows 8 has gone RTM we should start to see many new apps hitting the marketplace and I was very happy to stumble across the new WWE app. I have always been a huge Professional Wresting fan although I admit that I have not watched it as much since the attitude era was […]

Post image for Audible For Windows Phone Now Available For Download

Microsoft promised they would makes sure all the top apps from other platforms made it to Windows Phone and the latest to hit the mark is Audible for Windows Phone. The popular audiobook application has taken quite some time to make its way to Windows Phone even though they are owned by Amazon who is […]

Post image for Create Panoramic Photos On Windows Phone With Photosynth

If there is one app that Microsoft fans have been jaded about not having it is Photosynth which is Microsoft’s app for creating panoramas out of multiple pictures. The bonus feature that Photosynth brings to mobile phones is not only can you create side-to-side panoramas but there is also the ability to create 360 degree […]

Post image for LinkedIn For Windows Phone Now Live In The Marketplace

LinkedIn the professional social network used my many people, has now released an official application to the Windows Phone marketplace. Even though the official app was just released, that is not to say that Phone 7 users didn’t have access before as the social networks functionality was built-in to the OS just like Twitter and […]

Post image for Windows Phone Pandora App Metro Radio Gets A Huge Update

Popular Windows Phone Pandora app Metro Radio just got a massive update bringing the current version to 4.5. Metro Radio is one of two apps that allow Pandora music streaming to Windows Phone as it seems Pandora has no interest in building a native application.

Post image for HeyTell For Windows Phone Updated To

The very popular, HeyTell for Windows Phone, hit the Marketplace last week and is already receiving its first update. There was no information in the release notes but on HeyTell’s Facebook page they noted that it was simple a fix for some crashes and a localization file. I love the fact that these guys get […]

Post image for Splinter Cell Conviction For Windows Phone 7 Available For Purchase

We announced that Splinter Cell Conviction was releasing in February and it is now available in the Windows Phone marketplace for $4.99. The Splinter cell series is definitely a popular one on the Xbox 360 so I can’t wait to play it on my phone.