Nokia Lumia 900

Post image for Nokia Reports Q2 Sales Figures 4 Million Lumias Sold

Today Nokia Released their quarterly sales numbers that revealed 4 million Lumia devices sold however, unfortunately they still lost 1 billion dollars. Even though most of the hating blogs are writing about the doom and gloom of Nokia we fail not to see why doubling device sales is anything but good. In fact, Nokia has […]

Post image for Nokia Lumia 900 On Sale For A Penny On Amazon Wireless

AT&T recently put the Nokia Lumia 900 on sale for 49.99 however Amazon has discounted the Lumia 900 to a penny. One of the best places to buy a new smartphone is Amazon Wireless because eventually you will see the device you want being sold for a penny. Of course to get the price requires […]

Post image for Pink Nokia Lumia 900 Going On Sale July 15th At AT&T

Starting July 15th, you can go to your local AT&T Store in the US and order the pink Nokia Lumia 900 or just order it online at AT& The Pink Lumia 900 is not going to be any different from the Black, Cyan, or White versions however it may have more of an appeal to […]

Post image for Lumia 900 Running The Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Video

CENT has had a chance to play with a Nokia Lumia 900 running the new Windows Phone start screen and it is nice to see they came away thinking it is as cool as we all thought it was. The challenge Microsoft has right now is keeping consumers excited about the announcements they had last […]

Post image for Nokia City Lens Augmented Reality App For Windows Phone Goes Into Beta

One of the things that Nokia promised Windows Phone users is that they would be contributing to the ecosystem and they are certainly delivering on that with the City Lens app for Windows Phone. City Lens is an augmented reality app which uses your camera to display the area ahead of you on the screen […]

Post image for AT&T Sales Reps Wearing Nokia Lumia 900 T-Shirts

One of the cool things about Nokia working with AT&T to sell more Lumia 900 devices is seeing how much more advertisement is going on in the stores. At a couple of AT&T stores in the Washington DC area and stores down in North Carolina we were able to see sales reps rocking the blue […]

Post image for Scratching Your Nokia Lumia 900 Not As Bad As Other Smartphones

Inevitably you may have an accident with your new smartphone and end up dropping it which usually scratches the phone. When Nokia Lumia 900 built the shell of the Lumia phones, the color of the phone goes all the way through which is what you are seeing in the pictures. Often, the device is painted […]

Post image for Another Reason To Get The HTC Titan II And The Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T LTE Faster Than Verizon’s

One of the main features of the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phones, are the fact that they both are 4G LTE phones for AT&T and a recent report shows that AT&T has faster speeds than Verizon.  Even though Verizon got rolled out LTE first it seems that AT&T is making […]

Post image for How To Switch From iPhone To A Windows Phone… Use A Hammer

Inevitably there will be people wondering how to switch from an iPhone to a Windows Phone and it seem using a hammer has turned out to be an option after all. In this video the user takes a hammer to is iPhone 3G to switch to his new Nokia Lumia. Now of course I would […]

Post image for Nokia 100 Dollar Rebate Teaching Phone Manufactures How to Handle A Bug

Nokia is giving anyone who bought a Lumia 900 through April 21st. There have been reports of an issue with the Nokia Lumia 900 where users have been losing the ability to connect to anything over the web. The issue is caused by a loss of data connectivity which is the result of a memory […]