Post image for Nokia Firmware Update Released For Some Lumia Phones

Yesterday Nokia released a new firmware update that hit some of the Lumia phones or more specifically the 920, 820 and 620. The update is geared towards fixing issues on the phones especially the connectivity issues some people were seeing. The update will be rolling out over the next few weeks however you can force […]

Post image for HTC Announces The HTC One Starting Lumia 920 Camera Comparisons Begin

Yesterday, HTC announced new HTC One with a huge focus on their new camera technology. The Nokia Lumia 920 has received a lot of credit for their camera and it seems that HTC is looking to use their new UltraPixel as the buzzword to beat them out. HTC is saying that they are using just […]

Post image for How To Turn Off Call Waiting On The Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

Many Lumia 920 owners may not realize they have an option to turn off call waiting as part of the settings available on the phone and here we will show you how to disable it. If you are wondering why I use this option it’s pretty simple as I use my phone for not only […]

Post image for Windows Phone 7.8 Update Released Slowly Hitting Devices

The Windows Phone 7.8 update has been rolling out however you may have to have some patience before you will actually receive the notification to update your phone. It was originally thought that just Nokia’s Lumia lines of phones would be getting the update this week but that turned out not to be the case […]

Post image for AT&T And Nokia Begin Rolling Out Windows Phone 8 Update Over The Air

Yesterday Nokia and AT&T began pushing the first Windows Phone 8 update for the Lumia 920 bringing along with it some camera enhancements and some new Wi-Fi features that will help the phone stay connected even while the lock screen is up. These updates usually get staggered out to the masses therefore if you don’t […]

Post image for Unboxing The AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 Device

Today the AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 started arriving at customers houses and one of the two I ordered came in as well. As much as I just want to go sit in the corner and play with the latest Windows Phone I took some time to take some unboxing shots so our readers can enjoy […]

Post image for AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Available for Pre-Order November 7th And On Sale On November 9th

Looks like AT&T finally announced that the Nokia Lumia 920 will be on sale starting November 9th with pre-orders beginning on Thursday November, 6th with the amazing price of $99 on an upgrade. Also available for sale will be the Nokia Lumia 820 will be on sale $49.99 on contract and the HTC 8X for […]

Post image for Windows Phone 8 To Begin Going On Sale This Weekend

During the Windows Phone 8 launch today, Steve Ballmer announced that Windows Phone 8 would be going on sale this weekend. We know that the initial devices we will see are coming from HTC, Samsung and of course Nokia. What Joe called the most personal smartphone you can get saw him focusing on the Windows […]

Post image for T-Mobile Announces The Nokia Lumia 810

Another Windows Phone 8 device has just been announced Named the Nokia Lumia 810 and is headed to T-Mobile. The Lumia 810 has the same stats as the Lumia 820 however the body is completely different as it is more squared off giving Nokia a unique Windows Phone 8 device. This phone has a 4.3-inch […]

Post image for AT&T Officially Announces the Nokia Lumia 920 And The Nokia Lumia 820

AT&T announced officially announced their new Windows Phone 8 devices the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820 in a press release today and to everyone’s surprise, a Cyan Lumia is in the lineup which previously had not been seen. In the press release, AT&T touted all the main features of the Lumia 920 […]