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We love when Microsoft goes on the attack against their competitors and they have a video where the make fun of Google’s business practices and how they would affect a company using Google Docs. The video is funny, at least for Microsoft fans, and has elicited a strong reaction from Google fans. However, I have […]

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A few days ago, we posted an Office Casual video Working With Nothing But A Windows Phone Part 1 where Microsoft takes a more relaxed funnier look at how people can use their phones. In the video Microsoft shows off the Office Hub with features like Power Point and Word and they also show off […]

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Have you ever wanted to get things done without having to jump in and out of apps all the time? Windows Phone has many features that are integrated right into the phone. The Office Casual blog has put together a short video that demonstrates the different ways you can quickly reach the people you care […]

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Microsoft created a video highlighting why Office Live on SkyDrive is better than Google Docs. I use many Office products in between my PC and Windows Phone such as OneNote and Outlook. In this video Microsoft shows you how creating documents on SkyDrive is seamlessly shared and edited on other Windows Platforms.

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One of the great features of Microsoft OneNote is the ability to collaborate on notebooks between multiple people and devices and setting up this feature on Windows Phone is actually simple. In this how to Windows Phone article we will show you how.

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We really like Windows Phone 7 on TV shows but commercials are good too. One of my favorite Windows Phone 7 commercials is the one where OneNote Mobile is shown off titled “Keep Shopping”. Not only does this push the three screens and a cloud motto Microsoft has but it also demonstrates the power of Office […]