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A few weeks ago Chris had a chance to make some new friends over at the Pocket Show and they invited him back for more. This episode finds the panelist talking about Windows Phone and a potential release date of 8.1, Motorola announcing a new low cost Android device and Apples iPhone release date. As […]

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Episode #208 of the SMRpodcast is online and ready for download. It’s just a two man show this week with Robb and Rod, as Chris is a bit under the weather. After a bit of talk of how hectic schedules become right before a high school senior graduates, we jump into a bit of tech […]

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Chris had a chance to visit the great guys over at The Big Show which is a part of the British Tech Network. Much was discussed about the latest tech topics such as some Windows 8.1 support deadlines and Apples number reporting all the way to the anniversary of the Game Boy. Here is the […]

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Episode number 206 of the SMRPodcast and or co-host Brent Harman has made his way back to the show. We covered many different topics this weeks and you can see the full summary at SMRPodcast.com Show Details Recorded: April 21st, 2014 Published: April 22nd, 2014 Duration: 01hr 35min 00sec SUBSCRIBE FOR AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS Standard RSS […]

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Chris was invited to be a guest on The Pocket Show and what a great time it was. Windows Phone 8.1 was discussed as well as Amazon’s new phone aspirations. There is also some gaming talk around Epic’s Unreal Engine and iTunes Radio.

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Episode #159 of the SMRPodcast is online and posted for download. Rod is out this week however, not to worry as our good friend Terrance Gaines, a.k.a. BrothaTech is back with us this week. We start the show off with Chris discussing his Facebook account being impersonated but an intervention is started for Terrance and […]

Post image for SMRPodcast #156: “I Thought We Were Boys” Is Up

Episode #156 of the SMRPodcast, I Thought We Were Boys, has been recorded and is ready for download. This week everyone is here and therefore all the teasing is in full effect. Chris received the new BlackBerry Z10 and gives his early thoughts on the device.Some of the bigger stories we cover are Google dropping […]

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Episode #155 of the SMRpodcast has been recorded, posted and ready for download with two of the three hosts this week. On Unwanted, Unloved, we start out talking about Google snubbing users of their web apps on Windows Phone with their latest update then move into what Chris feels is a surprising reaction to BlackBerry […]

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Rod is traveling this week so Rob and Chris flip the show to Chicken Wings And Beer and immediately start talking about the Top 10 Revenge/Retribution movie list. Getting back into the tech talk we have to discuss the Evernote being the next company to get hacked and another huge story where Netflix announced no […]

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Episode #153 of the SMRpodcast with special guest host Terrance Gaines, a.k.a. BrothaTech, is online and ready for download. It was kind of a laid back show this week, but, we touch on a lot of tech, including our thoughts on mobile App development, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 with phone capabilities, and the PlayStation […]