Post image for Chris Ashley Hanging out on The Pocket Show

This week  Chris went back and had some fun with the gang over at the Pocket Show. Joined by our good friend Allison Sheridan we have a great conversation about all the latest tech stories. As before there was a lot of fun on the show so give it a listen. Here is the Episode […]

Post image for SMRPodcast Episode #213: A bear enters the room

SMRpodcast #213 is online and ready for download. This week Chris and Robb nearly put Rod to sleep while they debate who had the better showing at E3. Chris’s says it was a draw between MS and Sony while Robb gives a slight edge to Sony and what they have going on with the PS4. […]

Post image for SMRPodcast #187: For Real D’o Has been Posted And Is Ready For Download

Another fun show for us where we go over the Dell Venue 8 Pro a new BlackBerry CEO and some social commentary. We also get into some crazy statements made by another podcast and a pretty cool story about non tech people’s reaction to Google Help. Show Details Recorded: November 5th, 2013 Published: November 6th, […]

Post image for SMRPodcast Episode #174 Selectively Cheap Posted

SMRPodcast #174 is up and ready to be downloaded with this week having all three boys in the house. There was not a ton of big tech news this week however, that doesn’t mean we don’t put together a pretty good show. AT&T, WhatsApp and the purchase of the Washington Post all make the top […]

Post image for SMRpodcast #165 : Lil Bit 9.0 Is Up And Ready For Download

BlackBerry Live and Google I/O are over, the Xbox One has been announced, and episode #169 of the SMRpodcast has been recorded. This week the crew jumps right into with talk of the Xbox One.  Needless to say, Chris and Robb are on board and eagerly anticipating the launch.  Rod is a bit concerned that […]

Post image for SMRpodcast Episode 164 “I Definitely Probably” Is Ready For Download

SMRpodcast #164 is online and ready for download.  This week BlackBerry Live and Google I/O kick off and we dive right into BlackBerry news and Google rumors.  BlackBerry announced that that they are taking BBM cross platform and bringing it to Android and iOS.  There was no mention of BBM for Windows Phone or a […]

Post image for SMRPodcast #161: Baby Monitors

SMRpodcast Episode #161 is online and ready for download.  All the boys are back this week so the tech talk has a full range of opinions. The topics covered this we range from Apple and Netflix earnings, to trashing folks that believe Microsoft is going to go out of business because of Windows 8. We […]

Post image for SMRPodcast #158: “Extra Credit” Is Availible

Episode #158 of the SMRpodcast, recorded April 2nd, 2013, is online and ready for your listening pleaseure.   Robb is back from vacation, and, much to the dismay of one Mr. Chris Ashley, the ship did not break down and Robb had a great time.  This week we start the show off with the big […]

Post image for SMRPodcast #157: “A Long Tip” Is Up

Episode #157 of the SMRPodcast, A Long Tip, has been posted online and is ready for your listening pleasure. Robb is on a much deserved vacation so Allison Sheridan of the fantastic the NosillaCast Podcast stops in to help Chris and Rod out. After getting an update on Robb’s trip Allison lists off some of […]

Post image for SMRPodcast #134: The Human Dishwasher

Episode #134 of the SMRpodcast, The Human Dishwasher, is posted and ready for download.  This week we start the conversation off with a reflection back on the events of September, 11th and a reminder of where we were and what we were doing at that time. The show starts out with a message from our […]