SkyDrive For Windows

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There is no doubt that we are big fans of using SkyDrive to sync our information between our Windows 8 PC’s and Tablets, Windows Phone and the cloud however there was a small downside to the desktop app where you could not selectively choose which folders sync to which machines. The reason why this is […]

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When you delete files in SkyDrive, you will now have the ability to recover it from the newly added SkyDrive Recycle Bin. Ever since SkyDrive for Windows released I have been using Microsoft’s Cloud service as part of my everyday life, and the service keeps getting better. The new SkyDrive Recycle bin is in the […]

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Today on the Inside SkyDrive Blog Microsoft showed off screen shots of the new SkyDrive interface that is said to be rolling out this week. The new look and feel is very similar to how looks which is to flatten the design and make things simpler. Along with these new features, SkyDrive is becoming […]

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Microsoft announced the availability of the new Windows Essentials 2012, which includes new versions of Movie Maker and Photo Gallery. In their blog Microsoft said, they have hundreds of millions of people using the Essentials app and took advantage of advances in Windows 8. They also took some time to highlight the updated features in both Movie […]

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After Microsoft updated SkyDrive and released SkyDrive for Windows users starting noticing that the free space went from 25GB to 7Gb however, if you were a previous users of SkyDrive, there is a limited time loyalty offer where you can keep your 25GB for free. Microsoft explains that the reason why they changed the storage […]

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Yesterday Microsoft released SkyDrive For Windows and we couldn’t wait to install it and use it and even captured the process for our readers. The download was quick and the setup and configuration of SkyDrive for Windows was simple enough. There were no real gotcha moments in the configuration and the biggest thing to note is that this is […]

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A while ago we showed off a demo video of the SkyDrive integration with Windows and the app is now released and available for download. With SkyDrive for Windows, your SkyDrive files will just show up as another location to save files to just like a Documents folder. The SkyDrive for Windows App will not […]