Post image for Skype For Windows 8 Updated With Video Message Preview

We are still annoyed that it took this long but the latest update to Skype for Windows 8 has added the video messaging feature. To get the feature you only need to update your version of Skype in the Windows 8 Store which should give you the ability to leave video messages for friends even […]

Post image for Microsoft Details Recent Skype 2.1 For Windows Phone 8 Update

Recently Microsoft released a new version of the Skype For Windows Phone 8 Preview and detailed some of the updates. With Microsoft buying Skype, we are still waiting for the great integration into Windows Phone 8 that was anticipated, however since the Skype beta released , we have lost some faith. The Skype preview is […]

Post image for Skype For Windows Phone 8 Preview Available For Download

Last week I was surprised to see that Skype Mobile was not available yet even though I understood why however the wait is over for early adopters with the Skype Preview that is available in the Windows Phone Store right now. Because of the new capabilities of Windows Phone 8, this version of Skype is […]

Post image for Skype For Windows Phone 8 Not Available Yet In The Windows Phone Store

Of course the first thing you do when you unbox the Nokia Lumia 920 is start reinstalling your Windows Phone Apps however going through the list of my apps was a bit surprising as Skype and a few other apps are not available for Windows Phone 8. Now we are sure that Skype’s deep integration […]

Post image for Skype For Windows 8 Now In the Microsoft Store

Today Microsoft had the official kickoff for Windows 8 and the Surface Tablets and along with the good news is Skype for Windows 8 is now available. This version of Skype runs as a Windows 8 app and is completely redesigned. Skype for Windows 8 takes over the whole screen but can be docked as […]

Post image for Microsoft Announces Office 2013 Shows Off Skype Integration And Other Great New Features

Today Microsoft held a press conference to announce and show off the New Office 2013 and it looks really good. Steve Ballmer described the new version as “thinks cloud first” which furthers the integration with SkyDrive by allowing users to save documents and settings in cloud storage. We took some time to list out the […]

Post image for Microsoft Giving Away 10 Unlocked Windows Phones The Titan II Or Nokia Lumia 900

The other day Skype For Windows Phone was released to the Marketplace and to celebrate Microsoft is giving away 10 unlocked Windows Phones. All you have to do is watch the introduction video and then fill out a form for a chance to win either a HTC Titan II or the Nokia Lumia 900. To […]

Post image for Skype for Windows Phone Released, Runs Much Faster

A few weeks ago, Skype for Windows Phone went into a public beta and now the popular video conferencing app has been released marking another top app that has finally come to the Windows Phone Platform. Microsoft purchased  Skype last year so many are wondering why it took so long for an application to become […]

Post image for Skype For Windows Updated With Push To Talk

On Skype’s blog today, they announced an update to Skype For Windows, which includes full HD video calls, push to touch and more. Full HD will be a welcome feature when making voice calls since many webcams have HD capabilities including the Microsoft LifeCam Studio that I use. The push to touch feature was born […]