Surface RT

Post image for Surface Pro And Surface RT Firmware Update Details

In addition to the regular “patch Tuesday” updates where Microsoft Pushes out software fixes and enhancements, the Surface Pro and Surface RT devices received firmware updates as well. In the update Microsoft looked to fix up some Wi-Fi issues on both devices while the Surface RT saw some volume issues fixed.

Post image for DirecTv NFL Sunday Ticket Online Works Great On The Microsoft Surface RT

With the absence of an app, Windows Tablet users will have to use the DirecTV site to stream the Sunday Ticket to a device and it was awesome to see how well it worked. This past Sunday I was watching the NFL games at home and decided to use the online streaming of the NFL […]

Post image for Chris Talks Microsoft Surface With Allison Sheridan On The NosillaCast Podcast

One of our favorite guests on the SMRPodcast is Allison Sheridan, and she was nice enough to have me on as a guest on her show the NosillaCast Podcast. We take some time to talk about the Surface RT Tablet as we go through how I feel about it so far and talk about how […]

Post image for How to Turn on Rotation Lock on the Surface RT

You can quickly enable rotation lock on your Surface RT tablet. I am using the Surface RT and when the keyboard is not active you can force the device to lock rotation. To enable rotation lock do the following: Slide from the right side of the screen to reveal the charms Tap the settings charm Tap […]

Post image for Unboxing The Microsoft Surface RT Tablet

The Surface RT Tablet arrived at my house today and instead of taking the day off and playing with it I decided to post some unboxing photos for our readers. The one thing that I can not picture for you is the smell of new that the Surface has and not just new toy but […]

Post image for Microsoft Surface Tablet Pre-Order Available Now

If you are ready to pre-order the Surface RT tablet then head over to the Microsoft Store as the site is finally up and taking your money. If you order the 64GB Surface RT with the Type Cover you will pay a total 878.73 for the whole thing. Head on over to the Microsoft store […]

Post image for Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Price $499 for 32GB And $699 for 64GB

TechCrunch might had gone a bit early and released the price of the Surface RT Tablet which is set to be $499 for the 32GB version without the Touch Cover Keyboard and $599 with it. The 64GB  Surface RT Tablet will be $699 and include the Touch Cover The Surface will be available on October […]

Post image for Check Chris Out On The NosillaCast Podcast

On Sunday I entered the dragons layer full of Apple product users and explained why Windows 8 and the Surface tablets are going to be so cool. I had a great time with our friend Allison Sheridan from the NosillaCast on the Chit Chat Across the Pond segment and as always, her fans are great to us […]

Post image for Microsoft Surface Tablet Release Date October 26th

Exposed on an SEC filing document is the Windows RT Surface Tablet release date which is October 26th. What is significant about this date is the fact that Windows 8 releases to the public on the same day. There is a lot of buzz surrounding Microsoft and their new tablet that they are manufacturing and […]