Windows 8 on ARM

Post image for MSN Getting Updated For Windows 8 And IE 10

On the MSN blog Microsoft showed off the new look and feel for MSN and promises “blazing fast” speeds for users visiting the site. The design of MSN looks like many of the other updated sites Microsoft has which has a more flattened look and makes use of the full screen. There are also new […]

Post image for Dell Windows 8 Tablets XPS 10 And XPS Duo 12 Announced

It seems that all the top PC manufacturers are announcing their new Windows 8 tablets and now Dell has gotten into the mix with the XPS 10 and the XPS Duo 12. Dell is following what seems to be the correct line with a Windows Tablet which is the XPS Duo 12 and a Windows […]

Post image for Windows 8 RTM Available For Download On MSDN

Today Microsoft has published the RTM version of Windows 8 to developers MSDN accounts and it is now available for download. Essentially, corporations and developers who pay for a subscription usually get early access to new version of software so they can plan to roll it out. The download links include two versions of Windows […]

Post image for How To Turn On Email Notifications In The Windows 8 Mail App

One of the things that I noticed while using the Mail App in Windows 8 was that I was not getting notifications for new emails which is helpful while working on desktop mode. While poking around the People Hub I stumbled across the settings to turn it on and here are the steps for you […]

Post image for Windows 8 Release Date Set For October 26th

Today Steven SInofsky announced at the annual sales meeting that Windows 8 will officially be available on October 26th. This date marks the day that consumers will be able to purchase a Windows 8 Upgrade or by a new PC already running Windows 8. Anyone that buys a PC before October 26th need not worry […]

Post image for Video Of The New Microsoft Surface Tablet

To continue the promotion of the new Microsoft Surface Tablet, Microsoft has released a quick video showing off their new tablet. The video does not do much more than make you want it more but as information is still coming out it may be a good stop gap.

Post image for Pictures Of The New Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft just announced the new Surface Tablet and the website is going live with pictures of this amazing device. If you haven’t heard yet there are two version of the tablet one that is just like a traditional PC and can run full Windows 8 and the other which will run the new Windows RT version that […]

Post image for Microsoft Announces The Surface Tablet

Today Microsoft made a big announcement of two new tablets called the Microsoft Surface Tablet. There are two versions of this tablet a professional which runs on an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor and an consumer one that runs on the NVidia ARM processor. Above anything else, Microsoft has been doing a great job […]

Post image for Steve Ballmer Expecting 500 Million Windows 8 users By end of 2013

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was speaking in South Korea when he announced they are expecting 500 Million Windows 8 users by the end of 2013. This number is staggering considering they are still expecting 350 million Windows 7 PC sales in 2012. Those are high numbers that he is pushing however I love using Windows […]

Post image for Windows 8 Release Preview Bundled App Update List

Paul Thurrott came across some of the app updates coming to the Windows 8 Release Preview and listed them out. So far I have been running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and am looking forward to installing the Windows 8 Release Preview on the Acer Iconia. One of the aspects of the Consumer Preview is […]