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Post image for Talking Home Automation With Windows On Chit Chat Across The Pond

The great Allison Sheridan invited me to be on and talk about my experiences converting my house into a smarthome by adding home automation. The ability to control my lights, door lock, heating and cooling via my Windows Phone, or Windows 8.1 tablets are all possible because of the Insteon products I have installed. On […]

Post image for Dell Venue 8 Pro Portability And Use While Watching TV

One of the big things We love about a smaller tablet is the ability to take it anywhere easily and the Dell Venue 8 Pro fits the bill perfectly. Anyone that listens to us on the SMRPodcast knows that there is one aspect of a small tablet that we really like and that is the […]

Post image for UnBoxing The Dell Venue 8 Pro and Early Thoughts

With the arrival of my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet I am getting even closer to gadget completeness. The Dell Venue 8 Pro is an 8 inch tablet running Windows 8.1 with 32 or 64 bit configurations. The Venue 8 Pro is using Intel’s new Atom processor which should give it around 8 – 10 […]

Post image for Trade In Your Old Computer For A New Windows 8 Computer With A Touch Screen

If this is the year that you plan on replacing your Windows Computer then you should head over to Staples as they have a great offer to move users to a PC running Windows 8 with a touch screen. The offer from Staples allows you to trade in any computer for a 100 dollar gift […]

Post image for Acer Iconia W700-6465 Windows 8 Tablet Is Available for Preorder On Amazon

We are very happy with my Acer Iconia W500 and soto see the Acer Iconia W700-6465 is available for pre-order on is great, and looking at the specifications on this Windows 8 Tablet, it looks to be a great device. The Acer Iconia W700 is listed at 949,99 however, this includes the nifty docking […]

Post image for Asus Announces Vivo And Vivo RT Windows 8 Tablets

Today has been a busy day for Windows 8 Tablet announcements as this morning Asus officially announced there two entries the Vivo and Vivo RT.  Both tablets have a 1,366 x 768 IPS displays but the Asus Vivo Tab has an 11.6 display and is powered by an Intel Atom CPU with 2GB of RAM […]

Post image for Installing Windows 8 RTM On The Acer Iconia Tablet

Today Microsoft released the Windows 8 RTM to MSDN and we had to install it on our Acer Iconia W500. The install process was very similar to our previous Release Preview install but there were some noticeable differences at the end. Overall, the install process seemed to have taken longer than the earlier installs but […]

Post image for Microsoft Surface Price–Rumored to be $199

  Apparently rumor has it that Microsoft’s highly anticipated Surface tablet will ship for under $200.  At this price point you can say bye bye to many competing products and for those who weren’t even considering a Microsoft tablet the deal will be tough to look past.

Post image for Windows 8 Goes RTM, Consumer Relese Set For October 26th

Well it’s official.  Manufacturers will be preparing their products for the much anticipated Windows operating system.  Consumers will soon be neck deep in various PCs, laptops, ultra books, tablets and the like outfitted with the new OS.   Just a reminder, the upgrade price to get Windows 8 is $39.99 but if you purchase an eligible […]

Post image for Microsoft Surface Tablet over $1000 USD???

A recent post on WPCentral caught our eyes and made us stop what we were doing at the time and take a deep breath.  Apparently a Swedish website is setting a very step Pre-Order price for the highly anticipated tablet.