Windows 8

Post image for Microsoft And Insteon Teaming Up For Home Automation

Insteon is our Home Automation solution of choice and therefore find ourselves excited to hear that Microsoft is teaming up with them. In a press release today, it was announced that the two companies have already been working together and will not only put out a Windows 8 and Windows Phone application but that the […]

Post image for UnBoxing The Dell Venue 8 Pro and Early Thoughts

With the arrival of my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet I am getting even closer to gadget completeness. The Dell Venue 8 Pro is an 8 inch tablet running Windows 8.1 with 32 or 64 bit configurations. The Venue 8 Pro is using Intel’s new Atom processor which should give it around 8 – 10 […]

Post image for Windows 8.1 Features Get Confirmed Start Button Making A Come Back

When Microsoft released Windows 8 there were a lot of complaints about how they implemented it however, the Windows Blue release looks to address many of the complaints. On Paul Thurrott gave readers a pretty good look at what is coming in the first major update to Windows witch is 8.1.

Post image for Windows 8 News APP Gets RSS Feed Support

While most device platforms have built in programs that are useless therefore, we find it really nice that Windows 8 has many useful apps including the news app. The recent update closed the only big feature that I thought was missing which was the ability to add the RSS feeds from your favorite websites.

Post image for Windows 8 Update Code Named Blue Features Leaked

We have been hearing the chatter of the first Windows 8 update which is codenamed Blue however a huge video leak actually showed off the features of what is to come. Along with a few new applications, Microsoft added a few new features such as the ability to snap more than two apps, and two […]

Post image for Switch From Dual Monitors To Dual Computers With The Surface Pro

After getting my SurfacePro, I decided to use it in conjunction with my work computer instead of as a secondary one. Many Windows Power Users are at home using dual monitors with their computers as the real estate is awesome for getting work done. Generally, the desktop space is not conducive to setting up two […]

Post image for Trade In Your Old Computer For A New Windows 8 Computer With A Touch Screen

If this is the year that you plan on replacing your Windows Computer then you should head over to Staples as they have a great offer to move users to a PC running Windows 8 with a touch screen. The offer from Staples allows you to trade in any computer for a 100 dollar gift […]

Post image for EU Fined Microsoft $733 Million Dollars For Breaking Internet Browser Choice Agreement

Microsoft got hit with a huge $733 million dollar fine today for not allowing users to chose which browser they want to use at start up. When you get a Windows computer in most countries, Internet Explorer is the browser by default however the European Union forced Microsoft to have a browser election option to […]

Post image for How To Turn Off Purchase Confirmations In Windows 8

As you continue to make purchases in the Windows 8 Store, one thing that will most likely annoy you is the confirmation message which requires that you enter your password for each purchase. While we know it really is a safety feature to prevent your account from being abused, based on your own situation you […]

Post image for How to Convert DVD’s For The Surface RT And Windows 8

In addition, to purchasing movies and watching them on the Surface RT or a full Windows 8 device, you can certainly watch your own movies by converting them to a supported format and DVDFab converts DVD’s for Windows 8 perfectly. With the Surface RT being such a great Mobile Device watching Movies is a no […]