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Post image for Dial Into Meetings Easier With Calendar Call For Windows Phone

If you listen to our SMRPodcast you know that all of us have day jobs and often take meetings while travelling. The biggest pain is dialing into a meeting while you are mobile because, not only is there a number to dial, their is also a pass code. Our own Rod Simmons built Calendar Call […]

Post image for WhatsApp Messenger For Windows Phone Having Some Issues After Update

The popular cross platform messaging app WhatsApp has received a major update on Windows Phone 8 bringing some pretty cool enhancements. The developers of WhatsApp for Windows Phone promised a major update to and the delivered on features with the ability to support Lock Screen notifications and backups.

Post image for Facebook For Windows Phone Updated To Version 2.5

The Facebook for Windows Phone App has been updated to version 2.5 which brings with it some really cool features that many fans have been waiting for. Although Facebook is integrated with Windows Phone that does mean it has full functionality and therefore the app is required for heavy Facebook users. The Facebook for Windows […]

Post image for Skype for Windows Phone Released, Runs Much Faster

A few weeks ago, Skype for Windows Phone went into a public beta and now the popular video conferencing app has been released marking another top app that has finally come to the Windows Phone Platform. Microsoft purchased  Skype last year so many are wondering why it took so long for an application to become […]

Post image for Nokia Lumia 900 Creative Studio App Review

In keeping with their promise Nokia is setting the pace for other Windows Phone manufacturer to following.  They recently made the Creative Studio app available on their application market.  According to the description this app is used for taking, editing and sharing pictures using editing and effects.  There is even a feature to take panoramic […]

Post image for Nokia Lumia 900 Visual Voicemail

We finally got around to setting up our visual voicemail feature on the Nokia Lumia 900 and wanted to share the steps we went through to get the feature working.  Enabling the feature on the phone requires a call to customer support.

Post image for How To Import RSS feeds in SimpiRSS to your WP7 phone

  If you’re like us you’ve either recently upgraded to the Nokia Lumia 900 or the HTC Titan II over the last couple of days.  This means you’ve also realized that all of the apps you installed and/or configured need to be reinstalled and/or reconfigured as well.  One app the requires some additional configuration is […]

Post image for Skype For Windows Phone Beta Is Available In The Marketplace

The highly anticipated app is now available as a beta on the Windows Marketplace.  According to the app description on the Marketplace:

Post image for Splinter Cell Conviction For Windows Phone 7 Available For Purchase

We announced that Splinter Cell Conviction was releasing in February and it is now available in the Windows Phone marketplace for $4.99. The Splinter cell series is definitely a popular one on the Xbox 360 so I can’t wait to play it on my phone.

Post image for Gooroovster Can Stream Google Music To Windows Phone 7

If you have purchased and stored music with Google, you can stream it to Windows Phone using Gooroovster. Much like Microsoft and Apple Google has entered into the realm of selling and streaming music via a digital music locker. The Windows Phone App Gooroovster is nice app that allows you to log into your Google […]