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Post image for How To Add More Flash Enabled Websites in Windows 8 and the Surface RT

While the Windows 8 and the Surface RT web browser supports Flash websites, not all websites are supported and here is a guide to add additional websites to the supported list. Internet Explorer 10 uses the Compatibility View (CV) list to enable specific sites to run with the built in Flash Player. Microsoft manages and distributes the […]

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You can quickly enable rotation lock on your Surface RT tablet. I am using the Surface RT and when the keyboard is not active you can force the device to lock rotation. To enable rotation lock do the following: Slide from the right side of the screen to reveal the charms Tap the settings charm Tap […]

Post image for Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Price $499 for 32GB And $699 for 64GB

TechCrunch might had gone a bit early and released the price of the Surface RT Tablet which is set to be $499 for the 32GB version without the Touch Cover Keyboard and $599 with it. The 64GB  Surface RT Tablet will be $699 and include the Touch Cover The Surface will be available on October […]

Post image for LastPass For Windows 8 Released And Available For Download

Hands down one of my favorite and first applications I install on both my Windows Phone and Windows 8 Computer is LastPass and it is great to see that there is a Windows 8 App version now available for download. If you go into the Windows 8 store and search for LastPass, you can easily […]

Post image for Dell Windows 8 Tablets XPS 10 And XPS Duo 12 Announced

It seems that all the top PC manufacturers are announcing their new Windows 8 tablets and now Dell has gotten into the mix with the XPS 10 and the XPS Duo 12. Dell is following what seems to be the correct line with a Windows Tablet which is the XPS Duo 12 and a Windows […]

Post image for Samsung To Announce Windows 8 Tablet At IFA 2012 And May Have Start Menu Button

Along with the leaked images of a new Sony VAIO Windows 8 tablet was information about a new Samsung tablet to be announced as the IFA 2012 conference this week. There is not a lot of information about this new Windows 8 tablet other than a teaser video and image. However, the guys at mashable caught […]

Post image for Pictures Of The Sony VAIO Duo 11 Windows 8 Tablet Leaked

So far we have seen Windows 8 Tablet info on Surface Tablet from Microsoft, and the Lenovo ThinkPad 2 , plus we know that ASUS and Dell are in the mix with tablets too. So it is nice to see more manufacturers get in on the Windows 8 wave as having many tablets to choose from […]

Post image for Microsoft Surface Price–Rumored to be $199

  Apparently rumor has it that Microsoft’s highly anticipated Surface tablet will ship for under $200.  At this price point you can say bye bye to many competing products and for those who weren’t even considering a Microsoft tablet the deal will be tough to look past.

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As we prepare for the release of Windows 8 there are several terms you will hear that cause general confusion for some. The terms are Windows RT and WinRT. On the surface you would believe one is just an abbreviation for the other but that is not the case. Before we explain the differences we […]

Post image for Microsoft Announces Dell, ASUS, Samsung, and Lenovo To Release Windows RT Tablets And Features

Microsoft today announced the manufacturers who are making Windows RT Tablets, which include the names you would expect. ASUS, Samsung, and Lenovo were all named as manufacturers who will be releasing Windows RT tablets seemingly around October 26, which is the expected release date of Windows 8. We have seen pictures of the Lenovo ThinkPad […]