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Post image for Switch From Dual Monitors To Dual Computers With The Surface Pro

After getting my SurfacePro, I decided to use it in conjunction with my work computer instead of as a secondary one. Many Windows Power Users are at home using dual monitors with their computers as the real estate is awesome for getting work done. Generally, the desktop space is not conducive to setting up two […]

Post image for Unboxing The Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

It seems Microsoft nor anyone else expected that the Surface Pro Tablet was going to be popular enough to deplete the initial supply levels but that is exactly what happened leaving many people upset and waiting. However, your friends here at WinGadgetNews were able to get one and here we are posting the un-boxing photos […]

Post image for Surface Pro Hard To Find Some Best Buys Expect More this Week

The Surface Pro released last Saturday and while many that this was going to be a quiet release of Microsoft’s Latest Windows 8 Tablet clearly the news of the device selling out everywhere made the release something else. If you were lucky you may have been able to find the 128 GB version of the […]

Post image for The Microsoft Surface Battery Life Is Awesome During Travel

This week I was travelling across the country and of course had my Microsoft Surface RT with me ready to show me what the battery life was made of. While on the plane I was able to pull the Surface RT out and watch my first movie on it and surprisingly after watching it I […]

Post image for Acer Iconia W700-6465 Windows 8 Tablet Is Available for Preorder On Amazon

We are very happy with my Acer Iconia W500 and soto see the Acer Iconia W700-6465 is available for pre-order on is great, and looking at the specifications on this Windows 8 Tablet, it looks to be a great device. The Acer Iconia W700 is listed at 949,99 however, this includes the nifty docking […]

Post image for Pictures Of The Sony VAIO Duo 11 Windows 8 Tablet Leaked

So far we have seen Windows 8 Tablet info on Surface Tablet from Microsoft, and the Lenovo ThinkPad 2 , plus we know that ASUS and Dell are in the mix with tablets too. So it is nice to see more manufacturers get in on the Windows 8 wave as having many tablets to choose from […]

Post image for Installing Windows 8 RTM On The Acer Iconia Tablet

Today Microsoft released the Windows 8 RTM to MSDN and we had to install it on our Acer Iconia W500. The install process was very similar to our previous Release Preview install but there were some noticeable differences at the end. Overall, the install process seemed to have taken longer than the earlier installs but […]

Post image for Microsoft Announces Dell, ASUS, Samsung, and Lenovo To Release Windows RT Tablets And Features

Microsoft today announced the manufacturers who are making Windows RT Tablets, which include the names you would expect. ASUS, Samsung, and Lenovo were all named as manufacturers who will be releasing Windows RT tablets seemingly around October 26, which is the expected release date of Windows 8. We have seen pictures of the Lenovo ThinkPad […]

Post image for Microsoft Surface Tablet Release Date October 26th

Exposed on an SEC filing document is the Windows RT Surface Tablet release date which is October 26th. What is significant about this date is the fact that Windows 8 releases to the public on the same day. There is a lot of buzz surrounding Microsoft and their new tablet that they are manufacturing and […]

Post image for Video Of The New Microsoft Surface Tablet

To continue the promotion of the new Microsoft Surface Tablet, Microsoft has released a quick video showing off their new tablet. The video does not do much more than make you want it more but as information is still coming out it may be a good stop gap.