How To Turn On Email Notifications In The Windows 8 Mail App

by Chris on August 8, 2012 · 18 comments

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One of the things that I noticed while using the Mail App in Windows 8 was that I was not getting notifications for new emails which is helpful while working on desktop mode. While poking around the People Hub I stumbled across the settings to turn it on and here are the steps for you to turn on Mail Notifications.

Configuring Windows 8 Mail Notifications

From the Start Screen Launch the Windows 8 Mail App


While in the Windows 8 Mail App hover the mouse in the bottom right hand corner to bring out the charms bar then click the settings button. (From a tablet swipe right to left with your finger from the outside right of the screen to bring the charms menu up.)


Once in Settings, Click the Accounts button


Once in the accounts choose the email account that you want to setup notifications for.


Now you will see all the configuration options that are available for that account including Notifications which is at the bottom. Simple slide the button over to turn on Notifications and that’s it.



  • buli

    Thanks for the tip! It was a bit unintuitive that it’s per-account setting (although not bad idea actually).

  • Isaac_C

    Exactly what I was looking for! Cheers!

  • g

    that part works fine but after the 20 to 30 sec notification it fades away and you have nothing that tells you that you have mail waiting

  • arikovsky

    Notification should stay until I open all new e-mails. Fading is not a good solution. Also, a sound notification should be helpful. I hope, Microsoft is reading these comments.

  • Kushtrim

    Thanks man, just what i needed

  • hakan

    very helpful but we can’t we do this for twitter app?

  • ljfy

    big thanks, it’s working! never notice that stuff in the settings.

  • Steeve Pommier

    Thank you !

  • user


  • seve

    Thank you!

    • Chris

      No Problem!

  • Guest

    Anyone been able to locate this setting for the 8.1 version of the Mail app?

    • Chris

      Its in the same spot but now it is called Show Email Notifications. There are three options in there which is All Mail, Email From favorites and Never

  • رها

    hi there. my windows 8.1 enterprise rtm evaluation email app cant show new mail notification. I turned on its notification from its setting but still it cant show notification.
    could you help me to resolve this problem ?
    even I run the “sfc/scannow” from commend prompt to repair my windows but still I have the problem ?
    please help me ?
    thanks a lot of

    • Cross

      Go through same steps stated about, but instead of turning on notifications, check the option that says “receive notifications from” and put on “All Email”.

  • Nicolas

    It worked thanks, for Windows 8.1 by default it was set to notify only for “Emails from Favourites” and I changed this setting to “All emails”.

  • Catlady

    I am just getting notified on one person and that’s not what I want!! just starting using my new laptop last night..not use to win 8

  • Loey

    Thank you. But I use the same email for my PC account so I can’t change the settings of it. Can you help me?

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