How To Turn Off Purchase Confirmations In Windows 8

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As you continue to make purchases in the Windows 8 Store, one thing that will most likely annoy you is the confirmation message which requires that you enter your password for each purchase. While we know it really is a safety feature to prevent your account from being abused, based on your own situation you may want to turn it off. The process is pretty simple however slightly different between different apps such as the Xbox Video App and the Windows 8 Store.

How To disable the purchase confirmation in the Windows 8 Store

launch the Windows 8 Store and while in there bring up the Charms menu on the right by putting your mouse into the top or bottom right hand corner and hit settings.



While in Settings, click “Your Account”.


While in “Your Account”, click the option to turn off Confirmations.


When you change the option you will be asked to enter your credentials in one more time.



How Turn off conformations in the Xbox Video App

Another app you may want to disable purchase conformations on is inside the Xbox Video or Xbox Music app and the procedure is just about the same with a slight difference. Start out by going into the Xbox Video App and from the charms menu then tap “Settings” and while in settings hit “Preferences”.


While in “Preferences” change the option to disable purchase confirmations and you should be prompted for credentials



Going forward your purchases will no longer require you to enter your credentials.

Alternate Method

There is an alternate way to turn off the purchase confirmations which is to look out for the option to disable them while making a purchase. You may see the following screen when buying a song or a movie in which case you can just turn it off there.



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