Unboxing The Energizer Inductive Charger With QI Charging And Early Thoughts

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It seems that the Nokia Wireless Charger plates for the Lumia 920 are slowly shipping out to people who have ordered them as it seems the demand has exceeded the supply however, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy wireless charging on your Windows Phone. Since Nokia used the QI standard for the inductive charging on the phone that means that any wireless charger that supports the Qi standard will work. The Energizer Inductive Charger certainly does support the standard and so far has done a great job wirelessly charging the Nokia Lumia 920 so we have some unboxing shots for you and our first impressions.

The Energizer Inductive Charger comes in a three position model that can wirelessly charge two devices and can charge a third via a USB port, and a single position model that only wirelessly charges one device.

What’s in the Box

The contents of the box are rather simple as it contains the wireless charger and the power cord for it.


When looking at the Energizer Inductive Charger you see that it has a pretty good looking top side with a glossy black plate with the Qi symbol on both sides to show you where to place your phone.  There are also lights at the top that are blue when the phone is being charged and off when it is done.


Charging your phone

Placing the phone on the charger is a piece a cake and does not require a ton of precision to make it work. I simple placed the Nokia Lumia 920 on the wireless charger and it started charging.


Charging two devices was simple and just required you put the second phone on the wireless charge plate.


Finally, here is a shot with both phones charging wirelessly while a third charges via the USB cable.


Early Thoughts

The Energizer Wireless Inductive Charger is such a simple thing to use that it’s a shame Nokia didn’t do this earlier. When charging two devices wirelessly, we saw no difference in the time it took to charge the phones over just having one on the charge plate. I really do like the look of the charger because it doesn’t look out of place sitting on my desk and I could easily see this on a common table for charging the family phones.

You can grab an Energizer Wireless Charger from Amazon.


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