Unboxing The Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

by Chris on February 13, 2013 · 0 comments

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It seems Microsoft nor anyone else expected that the Surface Pro Tablet was going to be popular enough to deplete the initial supply levels but that is exactly what happened leaving many people upset and waiting. However, your friends here at WinGadgetNews were able to get one and here we are posting the un-boxing photos so you will know what to expect. So far, we am really enjoying the SurfacePro and am using it while connected to one of my 27-inch monitor.

The un-boxing of the Surface Pro was very similar to that of the Surface RT with a few extra things that we will point out in the pictures.

Once you open the box the contents are laid out nice and neat.


Pulling out the SurfacePro reveals the contents of the box and all the accessories which includes the highly anticipated stylus. What was a surprise to many was the inclusion of a USB charge port on the power cord adapter.


Here is a closer look at the charge port which is closer to the plug that it is the magnetic connector tip that latches to the tablet.


The bottom of the SurfacePro is exactly the same as the SurfaceRT which is good news because the detachable keyboards you purchased before will work here too.


The 3.5mm jack, power and volume buttons, are all in the same location as well as the magnetic connector for the charge cord. On the other hand, the USB port has been updated to support 3.0 connections and moved to the left side versus the Surface RT and the video out connector is towards the bottom of the right side as opposed to the top. You should also note that the SurfacePro uses a mini display port cable while the SurfaceRT had video adapter you could purchase.


Many people were waiting for the Microsoft to release the SurfacePro because the device provides both the mobility many people want from a tablet with the productivity people need from a laptop. We are not sure why people think 5 hours of battery life is too low but is seems to be what I am getting too. I have streamed videos from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube and so far no issues with video quality.

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