Unboxing The Nokia Purity HD Headsets And First Impressions

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We recently picked up the Nokia Purity HD Headsets which are made by Monster, to go along with our new Nokia Lumia 920 phone. The Purity HD are over the head headsets with full speakers as opposed to the ear bud style of the Nokia Purity in ear headsets. Both headsets come in different colors which all match the different available colors of the Lumia line of phones. Here we take some time to show you want the Purity HD looks like and comes with and also our early thoughts of using the accessory with our Windows Phone devices.


The Packaging

The Nokia Purity HD Comes in a very nice carrying case to help protect your headsets during travel. The case feels a bit like leather and has a bit of cushion to it however is still lightweight as not to add bulk to your travel bags.


What is in the box

Opening the full contents of the Nokia Purity HD shows off not only the headsets but two 3.5mm cables one with phone controls and one without. The only other thing in the box is the instructions for using the headsets.


According to the manual the second headphone cable is for select Nokia Phones but for whatever reason they do not specify which devices. As we eluded to earlier, the cables are similar to each other with both having a microphone on it but one has controls for the phone and one does not.


The Design

The Nokia Purity HD headsets are a beautiful accessory for your phone with a shiny lacquered finish on the headband and speakers. The headsets are collapsible for making them easier for travel and expandable to fit multiple size heads.



First impressions of the Nokia Purity HD

The Nokia Purity HD feels really well built with metal hinges for folding the headsets when you are packing them away as opposed to plastic furthermore, the hinges lock into place which you can feel when opening the headsets up for use. The cable is thin and flat which we like because it prevents tangling while the ear cushions have a nice soft feel which cups the ears very nicely. So far the headsets sound awesome with some nice highs and great bass however we really want to play with the Dolby Settings on the Lumia 920 so stay tuned for our full review.

You can purchase a Nokia Purity HD headset for your Windows Phone for 199 from Amazon.

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