Verizon HTC 8X Firmware Update Rolling Out To Devices

by Chris on February 21, 2013 · 0 comments

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The Verizon HTC 8X Windows Phone Firmware update is rolling out to users and bringing with it some new features that users are sure to like. The version number on the update is 1532.20.20011.605 with a radio version of and includes updates to messaging, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth performance updates and more.

Verizon actually detailed out the update listing the features

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth profile have been improved for performance.
  • Increased flexibility to manage browser history.
  • Added capability to select an MP3 file as a ring tone.
  • Incremental security feature allowing user to restrict calls to a limited list of numbers.
  • Messaging enhancements to allow user to edit an MMS while forwarding.
  • User can auto-retry with connectivity, multi-select recipients for a message and ignore calls with SMS reply.

Some of these updates hit the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phones on AT&T already with our favorite being the auto text replies when you are on the phone. As usually the update may be staggered therefore you may not see it at the same time as everyone else.


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