Watch Windows Phone Smoke The Galaxy Nexus

by Chris on January 11, 2012 · 9 comments

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I just watched a video that made me proud of the Windows Phone platform. Brad Sams from have posted a video of the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge. This is a challenge being done at CES by Ben the PC Guy. Essentially the challenge is racing against Windows Phone for completing an everyday task such as posting an image to Facebook. If the challenger wins, they take home 100 dollars.

The look on this poor guy’s face is just priceless when Ben says he is done posting. It is all in good fun but the video really goes to show what an integrated experience does for consumers.

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  • Martin Hovorka

    “completing an everyday task such as posting an image to Facebook”… not everyday task for me

    What about adding meeting to my calendar. Against my Palm Treo. I would take $100 :)

    • Chris

      No way my friend, the Calendar on Windows Phone is right on the start screen easy access maybe a push…. :)

    • Josh

      Screen off – 6pm meeting today added with a one word subject. – 6 seconds on a Samsung Focus running WP 7.5

      • warex3D

        Cool story bro.

        • Josh

          Cool Post

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a..complete waste of time. Hey, let the WP users feel better about their purchase. After all it was a mistake to buy one.

  • Sunny Singh

    The only thing that Windows Phone has over the Galaxy Nexus is a dedicated camera button, which I admit is real nice. Other than that, the video hardly proves anything.

    • Chris

      That is just one thing but not the only thing as I prefer the more polished UI on Windows Phone and the Office integration is just awesome for a user like me. Also the people HUB is fantastic as it matches my casual use of Facebook.

      • Sunny Singh

        I was talking about this particular video.

        I personally love Android 4.0’s UI (it’s way more refined than previous versions) and I use Google Drive/Docs for my “office” stuff so Office integration wouldn’t win me over. I’m not really here to argue which phone and OS is better though, since it all depends on what you use your phone for and what ecosystem you’re already in.

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