Windows 8.1 Features Get Confirmed Start Button Making A Come Back

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When Microsoft released Windows 8 there were a lot of complaints about how they implemented it however, the Windows Blue release looks to address many of the complaints. On Paul Thurrott gave readers a pretty good look at what is coming in the first major update to Windows witch is 8.1.

Coupled with information that Mary Jo Foley released here are some of the updates Windows 8 users can expect.

Start Screen updates – Expect to see the ability to put your own background picture on the start screen, new tile sizes and a slide up motion to reveal all the installed apps.

Picture Frame Mode – Transform your lock screen into a slide show with locally stored pictures and from SkyDrive. You will also be able to take pictures from the lock screen too.

Deeper Skype Integration –  Now Skype will work from the lock screen allowing you to answer calls without logging in.

Search Enhancements – Now using the search charm will result in global results with Bing providing the results. Basically altering the way you interact with the computer for information.

Built-in apps update – The built in apps will be getting an update with the photos app allowing editing while in it and the Xbox Music app getting a complete redesign.

App Snapping –  App snapping will get a lot more flexibility allowing a third app to be snapped or even more sizes being supported.

Built-in Skydive Integration – Now downloading and uploading files to the cloud service SkyDrive will be built into Windows which will be welcomed especially with Windows RT users.

Start Button –  A Windows Icon will be in the bottom left hand corner which essentially brings back the Windows Start button.


Paul has a lot more detail on the winsupersite take a look for some of the pictures he has.


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