Windows Phone 8 Also Supports Bluetooth Audio Streaming From Videos

by Chris on November 11, 2012 · 5 comments

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One of the long awaited for features that finally came to Windows Phone was the ability to stream the audio from a video to a Bluetooth speaker and we are happy to see that the feature is also in Windows Phone 8. When connecting your Bluetooth speaker such as a Jawbone Jambox, or the Plantronics Backbeat Go, both the Audio from videos on your phone and Audio from online videos will stream to your connected Bluetooth speaker.


  • Handsome_Bud

    To tout this as a feature is criminal. It should have been there in the first place. Every other phone has been doing this since the begining of time.

    • Chris

      Not really touting it as a feature but more of a reassurance. Even though we all feel sometimes that certain features are a must and should be there I understand sometimes that something has to be cut to make release dates because I do it in my day job. So I was happy to see that it was still there and wrote this post for anyone else wondering.

  • Sir Giles

    how is the sound quality over bluetooth? On wp7 devices, the sound was really bad compared to 3.5 mm output, and I used the same headset (Sony Ericsson mw600, a really nice piece of tech) that works really well with android and ios.

    • Chris

      So far it has been great for me. Used it at the beach and at birthday parties without issue!

  • Johnny Dangerously

    Does it work in a GM car with Bluetooth? Or does the car need to have special bluetooth streaming capability?

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