Another Windows Phone Executive Robert Williams Leaves Microsoft For Amazon

by Chris on July 11, 2012 · 1 comment

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In the past year we have seen Charlie Kindel and Brandon Watson leave Microsoft and now another high ranking Windows Phone team member, Robert Williams has left Microsoft too. It seems that the inevitable is happening at Microsoft where Windows Phone is being completely moved under the Windows team. We know from our reports earlier that Windows Phone 8 is sharing a code base with Windows 8 which we feel is a good thing however, we are not sure if moving the management of the Windows Phone operating system is the best for the platform.

Robert Williams who was the Sr Director Business Development, Premium Mobile Experiences at Microsoft worked on the App team for Windows Phone, and was responsible for the depth of the applications that are available on Windows Phone. The word from my source is that he left at the end of June and as you can see in the images now he is clearly with Amazon. While Brandon Watson and Charlie Kindel were probably a bit higher profile when it comes to Windows Phone it doesn’t make the departure and less significant when it comes to the future direction of the platform.


Windows takes years to develop and release new versions of the operating system which is a model that does not work with the fast paced mobile phone market. Making matters worse is the fact that the carriers are able to slow up the release of phone updates even more. We hope that there are plans in place to make sure the phone releases are prompt and timely however more importantly we hope this does not spell an upcoming disaster for Windows Phone.


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