How to Use Zune Pass Song Credits With Xbox Music

by Chris on November 13, 2012 · 2 comments

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Even though Microsoft changed their Zune Pass Subscription plan and eliminated the song credit feature many users who maintained their accounts were allowed to continue with the option. Now that Microsoft has gone to the new Xbox Music service, many people who have the old Zune Song credit plan are wondering if they still work and so far they do. For those that are uninitiated, the Zune song Credit plan allowed subscribers to not only download any song from the Zune library for offline listening but also keep ten songs a month. Each song required one song credit and once they were exhausted you simply paid money for the rest of the songs you wanted however things work a little different in Windows 8 with Xbox Music service.

The Windows 8 Xbox Music app has no support for buying songs with a song credit therefore purchasing a song always brings up the price. The only way we have seen the ability to use your song credits is to either use the old Zune software which actually still displays how many credits you have or perform your purchase from a Windows Phone 8 or Phone 7 device.


So far deciding to buy a song on your new Windows Phone 8 device will let you know that one song credit will be consumed however once purchased your song will show up on all the devices connected to our Xbox Music account.  There is no word if Microsoft plans to end of life this feature however until then make sure you use up all your song credits each month.



  • Chris Darby

    Zune song credits appears to be dead: I have tried to use credits as of 21 January 2013 and it’s not allowing me to via the Zune software installed on Windows 7. Attempts to “buy” a song using a song credit show “0 song credits” even though I would normally have 10 song credits every month.

    • Chris

      They still work for me both on Zune and on my Windows Phone 8

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